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    Stick a fork in me, I'm done

    If you need a date my ex-wife is a Broadway girl. She goes to several shows per month, as well as numerous television productions. MK
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    Stick a fork in me, I'm done

    Best of luck, Jim. I won't be too far behind you. I just missed finally meeting you last month. You were working my DH DFW-JFK and we were delayed 2 hours in IAH and missed the flight. MK
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    More revenue, More seats...

    I doubt it'll be as big a deal as they make it out to be. Although they don't say, I think they'll be reducing, or maybe even eliminating, MCE to get the seats back. We've been through this before. MK
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    I read the skepticism, but it's not out of the realm of possibility. We Flight Attendants have had two buyouts in the past few years, 40k each time. The first one took about 2250 people, and the next about 300, IIRC. It followed the first a bit too closely. If they offered another, I'd take...
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    AA exec responsible for new uniforms to leave the company

    From what I understand, they're taking a row or two of MCE and making it regular coach. MK
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    Jet Stops For Gas

    I don't believe it. All joking aside, even the most powerful poots dissipate fairly quickly. I think it more likely someone pooped in their pants, which would not dissipate until the source was removed. MK
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    London Fire

    Grenfell Tower fire in London is about two miles, as the crow flies, from our downtown London Hotel, and about a half mile from our old TWA hotel, the Kensington Hilton. I've been reading about numerous safety violations in the 24 story apartment building. I was on the 21st floor the other...
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    American ending New York - San Juan flights

    Minor nit to pick: SJO is San Jose, Costa Rica. SJU is San Juan, PR. MK
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    American Named 2017 ATW Airline of the Year

    Right underneath a post saying we're at the bottom of the list. MK
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    AA cutting Cuba flights by 25%

    I think they're a good idea but the routes will have to be developed and the infrastructure in Cuba has to improve to accommodate it. Build a few resorts and Yankees will come with their money. It's close and tropical. Can't fail if they do it right. And the ethnic travel will always be...
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    New Safety Video

    Having seen it while deadheading and showing it a few times, I've decided I like it. It's clever and innovative without being cutesy-pie. MK
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    7AT AT ORD

    What's the significance of a Pack Burn? Is it unusual? MK
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    New Software

    What happened to the "Mark Forum Read" button? MK
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    New Uniforms

    Minor things like skinny legs, width of lapels and ties can be tweaked in later years. MK
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      Why weren't things stable?  The main issue for flight attendants is that virtually our entire contract depends on PBS implementation.  Whether they'll be able to implement PBS before FOI remains to be seen.   The entire open time system, Electronic Trade Board, and scheduling rules are being...
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    FA's to vote on elimination of the "Hard 40"

      Nor am I.  Let the Hard 40 be their punishment for voting no in the first place.   MK
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    772 with new seats

      Is this a continuation of the switch from 3 class to 2 class?  The 2 class I've been flying to LHR have 45 "Coffins" in BC and 225 in coach.   MK
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    AA one of six airlines granted routes to Cuba

      Oh.  Bermuda can be like that, with such limited shopping on the island.  The plane would be light, however, since not much fuel would be needed.   MK
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    AA one of six airlines granted routes to Cuba

      I've been looking at this for a couple of days now, and I have to ask.  What does it mean that the flight will be a "pig"?  What is a "Pumpkin flight"?   MK