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  1. SegmentKing

    Southwestern cuts PIT-PHL, others

    Someone better tell Gloria she's gonna need to find a new base... Southwest is cutting a handful of flights out of Pittsburgh, including all 4 flights to Philly. Southwest Airlines , one of...
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    Gulfstream Intl Air to go back to 30 seaters

    Found this article in the Nassau Guardian. Also little birdies tell me this VP wasn't supposed to be giving out so many details (oops). I wonder if this means no more 1900s, or if this will be supplimenting the 1900s...
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    Stupidity at the TSA

    Well, I guess I can come clean since I'm no longer on US Airways Group payroll, and feel now is the time to tell this story. I was a supervisor at Key West for many moons and was @ EYW during the Air Midwest years and then Piedmont/PSA station ops using the CRJ-200s and EMB 170s. This story...
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    HHD's may interfere w/ Avionics

    Looks like the flight attendants may be able to make a living until they retire again :) InFO Information for Operators U.S. Department InFO 09014 of Transportation DATE: 9/23/09 Federal Aviation Administration Flight Standards Service Washington, DC...
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    DOT fines US $70,000

    Interesting read: An investigation by the Aviation Consumer Protection Division (ACPD) of the Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings (Enforcement Office) revealed a significant lack of compliance by US Airways with section 257.5. In January and March 2009, Enforcement Office staff made...
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    Mesa Layoffs in PHX

    Just got word that LOTS of Executives have been laid off... Paul Skellon (VP of Corp Comm), Matt Hand (Director of SOC), Mickey Moman (forgot title), Allen Lawry (Training exec), Rodena Turner (VP of Contracts), Donna Buckingham (just below CIO), Kevin Alexander (Dir of Rev...
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    Full Service, Low Fare

    I remember during the merger hearing the mantra "full service, low fare" all over. In ads. On placards. Posters in our lines at the counters & gates. On banners. Its now 2008, and I'm wondering where the "full service" is, considering you get better service on Southwest now. Our workforce...
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    Stock trading halted?

    Just saw a story that United is denying claims it is filing for bankruptcy, although the stock was halted as it traded at $0.01 a share. Ual Corp. UAUA (NASDAQ GS) N/APre-Market After Hours $N/AChange: N/A N/AVolume: N/A $0.01Change:-12.29 -99.92% Volume:29,115,578
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    USAir USAV Beach Bash?

    beach? bars? or just boozin? Anyone up for a few hours of fun in South Florida? FlyerTalkers have their "DOs" and I think we at USAV need something of our own.. including a name for our events :-P hOsTed by yours truely and Legacy-to-LCC (he doesn't know yet, but he won't say no...
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    Bye Bye MaxJet

    MaxJet website IMPORTANT UPDATE FROM MAXJET Information below regarding those who have booked travel Dear Friends of MAXjet: It is with deep regret that I must inform you that MAXjet filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy on 24 December 2007. With today’s fuel prices and the resulting impact on the...
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    What happened today?

    Today I had the pleasure of experiencing 3 airport and joined friends for some drinks in Tempe; some of my friends had also experienced a variety of airports. We all had the same comment: "no waits, no lines, lots of empty seats" I spoke with employees on most of my legs today, mostly...
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    Mesa / USAirways in Town Hall Meetings

    Anyone know which Crew News / Town Hall meeting Doug mentions Mesa and their contract in Phoenix?
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    Annoying Banner Ads

    I'm like most people where I don't really click on many pop-up ads, infact, it is shut down in my settings. the Banner ads here somehow tend to pop up, but you guys have one that will NOT close at all. I've had to go into Task Manager to shut down Internet Explorer. When you click on the "X"...
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    Paging Doug Parker....

    Finally figured out how to transfer images from my phone to my computer :-) anyway, the pic says it all. Doug keepin his cell phone / pager turned off?! or are the customers getting smart in demanding to speak to the CEO? *heh*
  15. SegmentKing

    RegionsAir to sue the FAA

    From today's AvDaily: RegionsAir May Sue FAA For Breach Of Contract RegionsAir could become the first airline to sue the FAA for breach of contract, if a lawsuit against the agency is filed with the federal claims court today, as some speculate. At the heart of the claim is the consent...
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    US 22 PHX-HNL diverts to ITO

    This had to be scary for everyone.. A.nutters say it was N908.. how old is that bird? And why does it have a history of breakin down in the Islands? From the article: Engine trouble diverts Vegas-to-Honolulu flight to Hilo...
  17. SegmentKing

    Change of Pace: Things you LIKE about the merger

    I'm guilty of bitching and moaning about the merger, but I'm seeing some positives and felt maybe we could look at the *good* that's come out of this... - Color scheme looks fantastic compared to the Euro-white that is plaguing the other airlines (United, Delta) - Hawai'i flying and overall...
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    Hrm. Business will continue as usual at Tempe while 3 of our competitors upgrade first & coach class services.... Delta's New HBO Programming and Midnight Sky Signature Cocktail Program Take Flight for Customers Entourage," "The Sopranos" and other original series among the...
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    Hawaii In-flight Service on HP

    Well, I am back on the boards... the company that required I stop posting is not operating anymore, but that's about to be fixed and the new owners don't care I'm here... but anyway... I've traveled to/from Hawai'i more than 10 times in the past year, travel was mixed between America West...
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    I'm Coming Out

    *TaDA* (I'm really straight! j/k) well, this may be one of my last posts here due to my new job back East as a Director of Sales & Marketing for another airline... for one I'll be a tad too busy and I'll also be afraid of posting a bit "too much" information that could get me in trouble...