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    employee shipping cargo

    Would like to know as a furloughed employee if we get a discount on shipping cargo? I will be moving and would like to ship somethings through Cargo, there is nothing on the web about employee shipping cargo. Thanks for any help.
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    Doug Parkers email address

    I know this has been posted several times, but can't seem to find the post. Does anyone have Doug Parkers email address? Thanks
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    One more help question

    Does anyone know who the main person to contact in Human Resorce and their email address? Thanks again for the help.
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    Need help Please

    I would like to have anyones help on who replaced All Creillen and their email address. Another question what is Al Hemmingways position? Thanks for any help
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    The Hub Career Opportunities

    Just was wondering if anyone else has tried to pull up job listings on the hub, and site won't come up. Thanks
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    Help looking for jobs on the Hub

    Does anyone know why when you go to the Hub and put in a Job that is posted it keeps coming back to me saying, No job meets your criteria? Would appreciate anyones help on what I am doing wrong. Thanks
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    Need help from CWA members

    I need some advice from anyone that can help. I was furloughed October 1, 2006, no cuts in flights or anything. They are going to replace my position with a Management Position. I went to the local Labor Board and they advised me since I have a Union they should be helping me with this. The...
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    Help, What Or Who Are These Vip

    Had a Man his reservation said VIP plus Chairmans Pref, He was upgraded but travleing with another man on a v class of service ticket, This VIP demanded since first was full for us to downgrade another pax, so his friend could sit up in first. He advised that was the rules for VIP'S. So can...
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    New Ceo

    A friend of mine told me this story the other day, funny but so true. He was driving to work and saw a Man on the side of the road, who had a sign that said will work for food, he thought for a moment and realized that this man knew as much about an Airline as the ones that are running ours, It...
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    Waste Of Money

    Tomorrow not One but Two folks are coming to see the kitchen that are food is prepared in, also to taste, they were here last year......will be here for one night in a very nice hotel, fly back the next day space positive to home
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    Ways To Make Money

    The company needs to have an agent watch the skycaps checking bags, at least ten times in the past week we have had passengers with overweight bags, when we charge them they get very upset that they were not charged coming down, this is really getting old, let's all work together on this.
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    Southwest Did Not Run U Out Of The West Coast

    After merge with PSA, U decided to put hot meals in coach to be served on half hour flights. FA's didn't have enough time to serve meals, so everyone that got off the aircraft received meal vouchers, plus we had all those meals on board go to waste. They had a full staff with PSA, but for some...
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    Maybe this is why we are taking paycuts

    On Friday had a family of eight, check in on time, they had to return their rent a car and purchase snacks for the five kids, departure time they were not there, tied up now in security, they arrived when flight had just departed, was in the air.....Pax advised me I better get ahold of the...
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    Mexico city and pay to eat...

    What is going to happen with all of the left over food, I feel we are going to have to pay for the food one way or the other, if it's part of the service or charge for it. I really doubt the majority of the pax are going to pay for it. They will bring their own from home, ate at the airport...
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    New Focus.... Find the PERK club.

    wolfs limo to and from work.......
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    Maybe this is why we are broke

    Had a pilot yesterday, flights full so he was unable to get on flight, pilot came to the ticket counter and asked to use our phone, because he had to call in because he would not be able to fly his trip next day. Explained to him, we do not have dialnet, cost company a long distance phone call...
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    wonder how we will ever make it

    Yesterday we had over fifty bags misconnect, which means they did not arrive with the passengers......took over sixteen claims, only three out of the sixteen were on paying tickets, web fares the three paid, the other thirteen were z, free tickets....had to pay each passenger fifty dollars a...
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    did anyone see larry king on cnn tonight

    the two men, one was the snippers child and the other his nephew....look and act like a couple of employees that work for en or uq, i think that is the commuter code....sure about en.....did anyone else notice......