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    Kudwa Letter a must read!!!!! Oh yes this is real

    Mr. Kudwa: VP Flight ops AA I have read both your letter to Peter Murray and Mr. Carty's letter to the world. I also noted your comment about the only man to occupy the human body who was perfect. Dragging the Jewish Messiah into this is totally irrelevant. Nobody has ever expected perfection...
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    More clueless media (UPI) columns

    IgNaince is a Beautfel ting!
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    Look at this

    Industry standards dictate that you turn down the first TA and management knows this. I''m surprised that the mechanics accepted their proposal, not however that the Pilots ratified theirs. The pilots had no choice but to vote affirmatively, in bancruptcy they could have lost more than anyone...
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    ALPA warns upper management! Change your labor relations style

    ALPA doesn''t fight back, they''re power is gone, their threats are useless. Anyone who thinks otherwise isn''t living in the present. Look at what has happened to our careers! Lack of leadership has caused crisis. Sit down and shut-up, Dave is going to continue to do what he does best...
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    CH. 11 here it comes

    The stage is set, it is now only a matter of hours!
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    Western Pacific

    Dorkin around in a 328 for US Airways!
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    Jets for Jobs??

    The point is that they are running around in our color scheme raping our pay rates. Its pathetic that the mainline pilot group would even allow an outfit like MESA to have keys to our front door. They are irresponsible operators who have done permanent damage to our payscales.
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    Jets for Jobs??

    Pimps they arw who would sell their grandmothers if they thought it might put a jet on their property. Scabs, pigs, call it what you like, they are leading the industry in contractual demolition. Don''t like the message? I''d caution you from shooting the messanger.
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    Jets for Jobs??

    Mesa pilots are scabs who refuse to admit that they are the reason for the pay reduction in the regional industry. Any pilot would would consider working for that flea bag outfit has no self worth nor respect. If we all would come together and stand against the pirates who hijack our pay scales...
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    F/A''s vote NO!

    Having just been through the US Airways re-organization, I was shocked to read the AA companies proposed F/A''s agreement. I would strongly urge every American F/A to vote NO. AA management is asking you to bend over in a way the defies industry standards!
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    PSA+PDT+ALG combine?

    There''s not going to be a merge anytime soon, too many contract & union issues. Look for a merge possibly by 2007 if things go as planned. In the meantime this outfit will continue to run as an entity with many missing links (wholly owned & contract scabs).
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    Jets for Jobs??

    anybody who would J4J with Mesa has no self repect, in many ways they are the reason whi this industry is on its back bleeding to death. I still humor in their frustrations with Freedom. Scabs complaining about their herpes, how sad.
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    Junior F/A''s say T/A

    To hell with all the grumpy TWA employees! You were within 12 hours of being shut down when the folks from DFW showed up. How dare you #### about the management of AA, your lucky to have been collecting a paycheck for the last 3 years. Your ride is over, accept it with dignity and deplane or...
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    Pit hub to IND ?

    what are you talking about ATA for?
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    Pit hub to IND ?

    This is all pork. U will scale down the PIT operation, no doubt. What will be left is pretty much what you see now, an airport dominated by regional a/c. In the end U will continue to invest their energies in PHL & CLT. Talk about an IND operation is just talk. What we should all be concerned...
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    USAIR ALAP MEC commits Patricide

    So what does this mean? Is it a done deal or can the pilotgroup push through a midnight political motion to have LOA 85 & 86 come before membership for vote? The word on line is that Bonner is incredibly nervous about the state of affairs (economy/war).
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    Jets for Jobs

    MESA is actively putting together class dates with mainline furlouhgs but ironically no self respecting mainline pilots want to work for them. Go figure!
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    Time is running out

    Have no fear ALPA will blink, emergence will happen because they have no balls to shut this company down and take an ethical and moral stand.
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    MARCH 31st?????

    The Boston Globe today is reporting that emergence from bankruptcy on schedule is at best an ambitious goal. Is the end near?
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    Why hasn''t anyone posted the Mar 1 codaphone?

    Sounds like the courts are beginning to understand our frustrations. Perhaps they will rule in favor of the company to protect the creditors but it is amusing that the judge is losing his patience with the "pace of the proceedings." We should issue this man an employee number, honorary of...