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    New Service

    Belfast was just announced today as well. And still nothing new out of CLE. Oh well.
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    SAS was losing money flying a widebody from Oslo-EWR. Why should CO lose money by flying a widebody? They should do whatever is necessary to make money on the route, and in this case, its to fly the 757. Your logic is flawed. Just because everyone else does something doesn't mean you should...
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    If it wasn't for the 757, EDI, LIS, BHX, and now Oslo and many other cities in Europe would not have direct service to EWR because it wouldnt be profitable to operate the flight. The 767's weigh more, can hold more cargo, and have more Business First seats. Flights to these smaller European...
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    Cle-jax Returns

    But it also looks like the summer CLE-SAN was dropped as well. Any idea why?
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    Gordon To Retire

    If Gordon decides to unretire, my thoughts are that he will go back to Boeing. It appears that he will continue to serve on CO's board as well, so it would be very unlikely he will move to a new carrier. He has experience at Boeing, and I think his leadership style can turn that company around.
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    Cle Is Best For Ontime In Midwest

    Rob, Can you fill us in on the other routes being tossed around?
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    Cle Is Best For Ontime In Midwest

    Any chance of a 762 on either of these routes?
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    CLE-lower landing fees

    Thanks for letting us know. I was waiting for some sort of press release about it. Hopefully, the lower costs will allow for more growth to take place. Also, was this an across the board cut or was this a CO only cut?
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    After some searching around the CO website, I see that CLE-YOW will not start as planned? Any explanation?
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    More new CLE service New service to SAN and SEA and additional service to PHX and SFO. Also mentions the growth of Commutair in CLE. Does anyone have any idea how the loads have been on the new Commutair flights?
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    CLE Landing Fees This is the link from the report I stated above. From the tone of the article, it sounds like CLE''s leaders are ready and willing to work with CO. Look forward to seeing the hopefully positive results from Gordon''s visit.
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    CLE Landing Fees

    A report was just on the news about the landing fees at Hopkins. They say CLE''s landing fees are highest in the region. They gave PIT and DTW as comparisons to CLE PIT: about $1.50/ 1000 lbs. DTW: about $3.20/ 1000 lbs. CLE: $4.20/ 1000 lbs. They had a city council member on saying that...
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    Route updates for CLE

    Excellent news for CLE. Since the old schedule is back, are their any more plans for new destinations? I could see Commutair moving into some of the towns in WV and PA that are dominated by US Airways. Could also try to enter into some small Canadian markets. Maybe EVV? I dont understand...
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    Heavy Loss Ahead

    This is from a second article about the 10-K filing: Continental is expected to post a loss of $2 a share for the first quarter and $2.15 a share for 2003, according to a survey of 11 analysts by Thomson First Call Taken from: Looks like bad...
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    Route updates for CLE

    Also, judt announced today, CLE-YOW starting in May. Heres the press release:
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    Route updates for CLE

    What is the Date of the PD article?
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    Route updates for CLE

    ---------------- On 2/1/2003 7:14:45 PM mrf777 wrote: CLE-ELM begins mid March CLE-AZO begins mid March CLE-MIA returns to 737 except Tues-Weds CLE-LGW will not operate during the winter. ---------------- Also CLE-Charleston WV will go from ERJ's to the Beeches. Any idea what other new...
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    Route updates for CLE

    According to a fleet plan filed on Jan 15 with the SEC, there will be an addition of 4 737-800's, and a reduction of 3 MD-80s, 8 737-300, and 2 737-500, meaning 9 less mainline aircraft. For 2004, there plans to be an addition of 6 757-300 and 12 737-800, and 14 MD-80s heading out to the...
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    Route updates for CLE

    Additionally, it appears that the 2 737 flights to Denver will switch to ERJ flights in September. Hopefully it will be changed back to 737's. If this is a perminant change, could it be because of the loss of several 733 and 735's this year. Just lack of available aircraft?
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    More RJ''s less 737''s

    ---------------- On 12/20/2002 7:42:10 AM mrf777 wrote: Check out the fall schedule for 2003 CLE-MIA -737 TO RJ CLE-DEN - 737 TO RJ CLE-MSY - 737 TO RJ THIS STINKS! ---------------- Looks like CLE-MIA will be 1 ERJ a day and 1 737 on saturday CLE-DEN is still 2 737's but an ERJ too for...