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    Delta to take over AA ?

    Just came across this this morning. BA may buy a stake in AA to block DAL take over. Anyone have any info??
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    WN flys with discount parts

    Being a discount airline shouldn't mean you have to put discount parts on your planes.
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    Tilton's Troubles

    This doesn't paint a very good picture for the industry as a whole.
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    CAL Earnings Report

    Pretty good compared to it's peers that reported so far.
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    USAirways says no to UAL merger

    Amazing how now is not the time. They must realize it will never work out.
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    United to be split up.

    Latest rumor is that they Negotiations CO had with AA were about each airline aquiring a piece of UA. AA and CO would form an alliance and would wait until late in the year. UA would then most likely be in BK and AA would pick up ORD, IAD and Florida operations. CO would pickup DEN west...
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    AMR posts 1Q Earnings

    This is hugh!
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    United ground 52 777's

    This is getting to be like Northwest.................. Where will the next one be?;siteid=yhoof
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    Delta Looking at Continental
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    How Many Layoff's if Delta Takesover

    It's a sure bet if Delta takes over, they are going to need the entire route structure. This could mean lots of furloughs ala American. What's going to go? Heard on CNN this morning that DL wants to have a done deal in 2 weeks with either UA or NW.
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    You had to figure this when Rich, came on board.
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    Southwest Still on Credit Watch Negative
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    Airbus goes into the mud.

    We landed at DCA tonight and a NW Airbus was off the highspeed in the mud. Anyone know what happened? They were pulling people off the back with stairs, so it appears no one was hurt except the pilots egos.
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    American for Sale

    Interesting, Thought the consolidation was dead with the USair bid for DL. Maybe not.
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    High Fare Leader?

    What happened to the low fare "leader"? Is the struggle coming?
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    Alaska Pilots use wrong runway.

    There seems to be a rash of this lately. Maybe we should do away with the controllers and let the pilots land or take off where ever they want. :shock:
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    USAirways tests Delta's interest in a Merger

    CHICAGO, July 29 (Reuters) - US Airways Group Inc.'s (LCC.N: Quote, Profile, Research) chief executive called Delta Air Lines Inc.'s (DALRQ.PK: Quote, Profile, Research) CEO this summer to gauge his interest in a possible merger, the Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday, citing people...
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    Continental Profits Double

    Way to go CO, Looks like they're moving in the right direction. What kind of Profit sharing do they get? Continental Airlines profit: $198 million Thursday July 20, 11:39 am ET Continental Airlines doubled its profit in the spring quarter as passenger revenue rose 23 percent to more than $3...
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    WN adds flights Den-MDW, Runs UA / AA out

    United ending Midway service Decision follows American's exit By Mark Skertic Tribune staff reporter Published June 7, 2006 United Airlines is pulling out of Midway International Airport, following a similar move announced last month by American Airlines. United restarted commercial service...
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    Continental Hedges fuel

    With all the work CAL has done making their fleet efficient, this should help them turn a profit some time this year CHICAGO, June 5 (Reuters) - Continental Airlines (CAL.N: Quote, Profile, Research) said on Monday it expects its planes to be fuller in the second quarter, compared with a year...