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  1. SpinDoc

    US Airways Fined $1.2 million by DOT

    Looks like US Airways failed to provide adequate wheelchair assistance to disabled passengers in CLT and PHL during the past year. They received a $1.2 million fine with a reduction of $500K if they fix the problems to the DOT satisfaction. Seen this one before. Why can't US seem to get it...
  2. SpinDoc

    Trans States Acquires Compass Airlines

    NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- Delta Air Lines said Thursday it would sell two of its regional subsidiaries for a combined $82.5 million to shed less profitable routes from its system. The Atlanta carrier said it would sell Memphis-based Mesaba to Pinnacle Airlines Corp. for $62 million and Compass...
  3. SpinDoc

    Rumor of Possible LGA Flight Reductions

    Okay. We all know the PIT horse is dead as far as the little boys in the sand box are concerned, and that's pretty much been accepted by the front line agents. They have whittled it down to 50 flights per day with the majority of them operated by Repugnant and Air Whiskey. There is a nasty...
  4. SpinDoc

    Airport Managers Being Reduced?

    There is a rumor going around that Tempe is in the process of reducing shift managers across the system. Allegedly, the process has already started with West stations, and will be working to the East in the coming months. Supposedly, there is a new formula being employed that gives each airport...
  5. SpinDoc

    New Service from Piedmont Triad International

    Y'all: The other day I flew out of PTIA and my flight to PHL departed from Gate 45. While I was looking out the window, I noticed a peculiar sight on the ramp. The ramp area and T for the gate adjacent to Gate 45 has been painted with the same lead in lines and safety zones as all of the WN...
  6. SpinDoc

    Shares VS Sabre - Savings per transaction

    Okay. So the reservations migration is done. SABRE was a decent system to work with, and had a lot of features, however, from a cost perspective, it has been said that SHARES is less expensive. Does anyone reading this forum have definitive cost comparison information? I'd really like to know...
  7. SpinDoc

    Taxpayers In The Clear

    Excellent news. The new US Airways has repaid the ATSB loans 5 years early. See story. CHICAGO, Oct 19 (Reuters) - US Airways Group (LCC.N: Quote, Profile, Research) on Wednesday said debt totaling $777 million, of which $752 million was backed by the government, has been sold at a slight...
  8. SpinDoc

    11th Hour Lease Rejections

    Does anyone know if the former US Airways filed any motions to reject property leases prior to exiting BK2? If so, where can the documents be found? The reason I'm asking is that any documents filed will be very telling for current employees of the former US and will give them a heads up on...
  9. SpinDoc

    Is Mda Taking Over Their Own Flts At Phl?

    Six positions were posted this morning for MidAtlantic Customer Service Supervisors in PHL. Does anyone know why? Up to this point, mainline employees have been handling the gate and ramp duties for the E70 flights, but it appears that things are about to change.
  10. SpinDoc

    Non-refundable Ticket Restrictions

    So does anyone know when this company is going to wake up and pull back the "use it or lose it" customer unfriendly ticket policy? I'm sure UA, AA, DL, NW, and FL are enjoying the revenue we're leaving on the table because our DM Preferred travelers are flying on them instead of us. Whoever is...