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    Ramp manager terminated at PHX

    This is a new development and facts are sketchy so take it as is. If someone at PHX has the whole story, please share. A ramp manager at PHX who was second in line to the ramp director was fired on Monday. Word and rumor is that the ramp director took serious heat from Doug Parker after the...
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    West rampers can be fired by phone

    IAM 141 has been notified by a company attorney and Labor Relations that West fleet service employees can be terminated over the telephone as there is no clause in the TWU contract prohibiting such action. A deceitful and gutless way for the company to avoid a meeting with union stewards and...
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    PHX Ramp! Meet your new ramp manager!

    PHX ramp has a new ramp manager who hails from PHL and LAX. His first name rhymes with bike. Obviously, PHX management has decided to deal with their labor problems by putting this knuckle-dragging Neanderthal into this high profile position. Cursing, screaming, threats and other forms of...
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    OSHA tells PHX ramp to git-r-done

    Arizona's OSHA, Arizona Division of Safety and Health (ADOSH), received detailed complaints regarding the unsafe status of US ramp equipment. They have sent a letter to the airline stating that equipment is to be fixed or replaced or there would be an in-depth inspection and audit of everything...
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    Scathing comments in Evening Bulletin

    Readers Unload On U.S. Airways Baggage By: Chris Freind, The Bulletin 03/26/2007 ARGH! Use this:
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    CEO of US Airways will spend one day in jail

    US Airways CEO sentenced to one day in jail for drunk driving The Associated Press PHOENIX: The CEO of US Airways will spend one day in jail for his drunken driving arrest shortly after his airline's $9.8 billion (€7.5 billion) bid for Delta Air Lines was rejected. Doug Parker, 45, pleaded...
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    PHX ramp potluck

    Today, PHX fleet service employees held a potluck dinner in the A-concourse breakroom. The resulting banquet included mostly foods from the Pacific Islands and cake and assorted pastries. Pizza, too. Naturally, ramp management was of the paranoid belief that the potluck was purposly scheduled at...
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    Article re. PIT-LAX

    Whatever happened to nonstop L.A. flights? Sunday, January 14, 2007 By David Bear, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette click this shiznit :angry:
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    US Airways' plans, straight from the source

    US Airways' plans, straight from the source US Airways CEO Dog Porker visited USA TODAY headquarters today for a Q&A session with reporters and the newspaper's editorial board. He was joined by US Airways President Scott Kirby and Elise Eberwein, the airline’s communication chief. As you...
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    Future of LCC fleet service

    I see with this proposed merger a loss of union representation for LCC fleet service. Anyone know the DAL Global pay scale?
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    PIT shows its hand (that was dumb)

    US Airways offered millions to build operations center here State, county use grants, credits, loans to woo $16.25 facility Thursday, October 12, 2006 By Mark Belko, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
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    West fleet service now paying IAM dues

    Starting today, West fleet service began having their IAM dues deducted from their pay. They still are working for much less than their East counterparts. It could be a long time for their pay scale increase to take effect. Many field stations will be outsourcing their ramps and the fleet people...
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    US Airways deploys new software

    When I read this press release, I had to do one of these :rolleyes: Instead of making management and front-line employees do their job, we buy new software.
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    Fly, US Airways

    Gee, Jason, tell us what you really think. Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Fly, US Airways Friday, September 1, 2006 Here's hoping that those local government officials responsible for responding to US Airways' invitation to compete for a flight operations center tell the airline to take a...
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    US Airways Interim Transition Agreement

    September 1, 2006 Meaningful Discussions To All US Airways / America West Fleet Service Employees Dear Sisters and Brothers, Your IAM Negotiating Committee met with the Company this week in CLT resuming negotiations, which could be termed substantive and meaningful in content. An "Interim...
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    PHL Fleet Service Positions Available

    PHL Fleet Service Positions Available US Airways in PHL has full- and part-time Fleet Service Agent positions available. If you are interested or know someone who is interested go to and reference job id number 61306 to apply online & remember we have an employee...
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    Arizona Republic article about Paladini

    US Airways VP tackles problems as they arise Dawn Gilbertson The Arizona Republic Aug. 27, 2006 12:00 AM What a load of horsecr@p..
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    IAM Transition Proposal

    IAM Transition Proposal Read this and give opinions.
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    Toll road to PIT from Tri-State area

    There is a new toll road being built near Bavington to PIT airport. Anyone from PIT know the idiocy behind that idea? Guess the idea is to make it easier for people from Steubenville/Weirton area to get to the airport. (?) :unsure: The trip from that area is but 30 minutes. The reason any of...
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    PHX ramp new-hires get pay raise

    Dale Salisbury, PHX ramp director, and all ramp managers convened a meeting in PHX A-side breakroom to announce that agents paid less than $9/hr would now receive $9/hr. Agents receiving over $9.00/hr will receive no pay increase. As he made the announcement, all managers stood with folded arms...