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    New Job, There Is A Better Life After U!

    I started my part time job today while I finish up my degree. (Ist job since I was hired by Piedmont in 1981). Orientation was today. We were welcomed and greeted by the CEO, VP, several directors and managers. We were told that above all, the company mission was teamwork, respect, and dignity...
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    Why Stay? Read Post From Past U Employees

    I guess I have been away from the brainwashed many at U long enough to see clearly. I left U (International Res) on vol furlough 2 years ago. I had 23 years at U. I am in my last semester of school with a part time job starting Mon. while I complete my medical degree. I will start out making (as...
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    Bos Hotels

    Does anyone know of a good, cheap hotel in BOS for a non employee? I would appreciate any help.
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    Future W/o U Plans

    I am interested in knowing how many employees have been spending the last 2 years preparing for a future without U by either returning to school or by other means. I left 2 years ago and these boards are saying the same things now as then. If it seems inevitable that U will eventually fail or...
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    res recall

    As some of you have seen in my earlier posts, I was recalled by U from vol furlough. I stated on this public forum that I had begun school and was not planning on returning to U. What I posted here was basically correct, but,as to informing U of my intentions, I did hedge my bets by waiting...
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    Res recalls

    Just got my call from res...I am being recalled from voluntary furlough..I took vol furlough on Dec 6, 2002. If I go back..I have to go to gen sales..not back to International where I was furloughed from..must work nights (1981 senority) until June and can only bid vacation from what is...
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    Repost and edit from FM2436

    Thanks Bill, irresponible fools such as this guy should be fired and barred from posting anywhere
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    old movies/steve mcqueen

    Watched an old Steve McQueen movie tonight...Bulitt. showed Pan American Airlines in a long will it be until we see USAirways in old clips...whember when?
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    recalling res inv furloughs

    I visited INT res today, I am on vol furlough. I had to turn in my ID and headset (boy am I going to miss that headset) sarcasm intended of course! Several agents told me that US was recalling some invol res furloughs. Does anyone know about this, if it is true and how many may be recalled...
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    If US does at some point file for Chapter 7, how does that affect Cobra insurance benefits? I am going on furlough Dec 6th and would appreciate any info.