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    On A Day Plagued With Weather Delays,like Friday,

    RES has a mulitude of personal favorite was when I was working in International RES. I had a young lady call me and was booking a flight to England. After asking about the fares, etc she paused and said hey wait a minute. We are not at war with them are we? It was all I could do not...
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    12" To 15" Forecasted For Phl

    I don't blame you! I worked in res 23 years..had a 25 mile drive to work..I missed ONE day in 23 years because of snow..was it counted as an occurance? Of course! I spent my own unreimbursed money for hotel rooms etc. I was crazy but you do what you have to in a gestapo atmosphere of fear
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    How Greener Is It On The Other Side

    Why do I post here occasionally? Why do I read this website weekly? Part nostalgia, part concern for ex-coworkers still there, curiosity about what is happening, etc. I gave 23 years of my life to U. I am no longer there but 23 years of my life is. I still care, I still wish, I still say what if...
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    How Greener Is It On The Other Side

    I took vol furlough in 2002, was recalled to res 3 months later, turned it down. I just graduated with a 2 year associates degree in the medical field. I have been working part time while I finished school. I have an interview today, and if I am offered the job I will be making close to what I...
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    Cwa Says Management Wants 29% Cuts

    I graduate in Dec..I left U in Dec 2002..working parttime and LOVE it. And I only make a little less STARTING out than I would be making after 23 years at U. I have not missed it one single second. My superior even told me the other day at work that I did not have to tell her everytime I had to...
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    Pa Unemployment Office Gives Positive Response

    Also, unless you have a spouse with insurance, be sure to check out cobra and private insurance. It is a rude awakening. Cobra for family coverage for me was close to $1000.00 a month while I looked for private insurance. And private insurance is no picnic with high deductables and coverage that...
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    Company's Latest Proposal To Cwa....garbage...

    Incredible. I took furlough, went to school, am in my last semster, already have a part time job (without my degree or credentials yet) starting at $12.00 an hour. This will increase quite a bit with my degree/credentials. AND this is starting out, entry level. This is not much less than what U...
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    New Job, There Is A Better Life After U!

    Don't be a spoilsport, maybe, just maybe, there ARE company's that care. All I know is that my attitude is wonderful and I am starting fresh. Bitterness only hurts oneself.
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    New Job, There Is A Better Life After U!

    Well, being a "callgirl" in res does not pay enough anymore so I am out of the biz! Happy hunting!
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    New Job, There Is A Better Life After U!

    I started my part time job today while I finish up my degree. (Ist job since I was hired by Piedmont in 1981). Orientation was today. We were welcomed and greeted by the CEO, VP, several directors and managers. We were told that above all, the company mission was teamwork, respect, and dignity...
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    Why Stay? Read Post From Past U Employees

    I guess I have been away from the brainwashed many at U long enough to see clearly. I left U (International Res) on vol furlough 2 years ago. I had 23 years at U. I am in my last semester of school with a part time job starting Mon. while I complete my medical degree. I will start out making (as...
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    Family Stunned By Us Airways' Refund Response

    I agree..if nothing else to show good will from the employees. The only reason the company gave the refund (belatedly) was because of the media.
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    Family Stunned By Us Airways' Refund Response

    I am no longer an employee, but please count me in.
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    Us Airways To Seek Court Supervision To Complete

    HIPPA concerns privacy, not insurance or pre existing conditions.
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    Will Sunday Be The Day ?

    I'm with you...go PANTHERS!
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    Thanks For The Memories...

    I took the voluntary furlough 2 years ago, I was also in res for 23 years. Were you in INT or PIT? I have not regretted my decision ONE moment since I left. I forgot what it was like to be able to have weekends and holidays off with my family. I can now plan things more than 3 months in the...
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    Also community colleges have a job link office that offers work study, scholarships, and other options.
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    Bos Hotels

    Thanks, Doc...I apprecitate the offer, she's cute, but married!
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    Bos Hotels

    Thanks for all the replies..I am not looking for me but for a friend who just got a promotion and is going to celebrate. Even when you no longer work for an airline, family and friends think you are their travel! I had not thought of the humor of a "callgirl" looking for cheap...
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    Bos Hotels

    Does anyone know of a good, cheap hotel in BOS for a non employee? I would appreciate any help.