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    DCA F/A Doris Coleman passes away Tuesday March 9, 2010

    FYI: There will be a viewing held on Saturday @ 4pm @ Fisher & Watkins Funeral Home 707 Wilson St. Funeral is Sunday @ 2pm Bible Way Cathedral 215 Grant St. Both locations are in Danville, Va. May my sister soul rest in peace. This angel will be extremely missed.
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    Crash Pad Available (closes to BWI airport)

    Crash pad available in Columbia, Md., 15 Minutes from BWI (right off of 95), 45 minutes from DCA and IAD. Looking to share a 1-bedroom condo with a commuter. I only occupy the condo a few days out of the month, currently work out of IAD and DCA. Surrounded by many restaurants, grocery stores...
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    1,700 layoffs announced

    This is what I'm waiting for..... <_<
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    News on FA Recall?

    Sorry for the delay. I called Rick in PHX. From what I found out today, they went through and came back up to assign. One young lady is there classes after me was assigned. Not to many ppl between she and I. My class was cut in half years ago.
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    News on FA Recall?

    Contact Rick. His contact information is on your recall letter. Call, dont send an email.
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    News on FA Recall?

    I'm class 6/00 and I was given DCA. Not an assigment but I initially picked.
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    More F/A Recalls

    Can you post how many is needed in each base?
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    More F/A Recalls

    What bases are they trying to fill on this recall? Thanks,
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    83 Flight Attendants set to return

    Returning flight attendants with bad attitudes is just an assumption. We have to remember those return from 01 classes are those that got the shaft right after 911 and had to fight to have the right to be recalled. Good for them that they had the opportunity to live their lives and do...
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    83 Flight Attendants set to return

    Under new news, there is a bulletin listing who is returning. Does that list only show the revised seniority list or those returning next month?
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    83 Flight Attendants set to return

    Can someone please tell me what seniority dates are on this list? I can’t pull up from work and I wanted to see how far up the list the company actually got. If you can post the entire list, that would be wonderful. Thanks :up:
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    Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday!
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    Anyone in need of a roommate in PHX

    AWA flight attendant moving to Phx and need a place to stay. Not looking for a crash pad but will be commuting from the east coast. Anyone in need of a roommate?
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    PHX base flight attendant looking for a place to stay.

    Is there any airline employee (PHX base) in need of a roommate? Looking for a location by the 1st of July.
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    Looking for Arizona Crash Pad

    Thanks twicebaked. I've checked out that site already but not much info about crash pads. Any other suggestions for those looking for a crash pad anyone?
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    Looking for Arizona Crash Pad

    I'm trying to find out where I can find more information about any available crash pads in PHX base. If anyone knows of someone or know where I can look for this information, please pass it along. I will be attending the March 13 training class for AWA next month. If someone is looking for a...
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    AWA Question

    Who is the contact person @ AWA for the flight attendants that are being offered a position? I keep asking our MEC and they are only refering me to our union website for answers. I have specific questions such as benefits and the cost, perdium, and recommanded hotel stay while in training...
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    Question For Shuttle America F/a

    Have you heard anything about also merging Mid Atlantic, a division of US Airways?
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    Question For Shuttle America F/a

    I have a question. I just read information on Chautauqua airlines website of a buy out with shuttle America. How did the process go w/ the flight attendants when merging the sonority list? Where shuttle America f/a put on the bottom or did they go by system sonority date thru out the system?
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    $2 Coach Fares And $39 In First (Merged topics)

    :shock: Computer error pushes US Airways' prices below $2 per round trip US Airways sold round-trip flights for just under $2 this weekend. The rock-bottom prices were the result of a computer glitch that lasted several hours. A spokesman said the airline will honor the tickets.