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    Point to Point?

    I was just reading this article in Business Week and it referred to Jetblue as a point to point carrier, like Southwest. I have seen that on several news articles and was wondering, is Jetblue a true point to point carrier? I went to and looked up some random flights, ex MCO-SLC and...
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    OK! I have had ENOUGH! Seatbelt signs! Why are they there, if nobody ever pays attention to them? For the past 5 years I have been flying, I have never understood why people never seem to see the seatbelt sign? EXAMPLE! I was working today, BNA-MDW. We were carrying about 85...
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    Service to Georgia

    Been buzzing around the system lately, heard it from 3 seperate pilots and a trainer in Dallas that SWA has been in Macon GA looking at the airport. Been hearing in the rumor mill that the State of GA is mad at the way the City of Atlanta is running ATL and has been looking at the choices for...