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    Frontier Is Now Expanding and Getting ready to Pounce

    In the article, it states that ONT/LAS is new and no other carrier flies the route. WN used to fly 10 flights a day in each direction. They are down to 3 and in the spring it shows 2 flights per day. Long time ago, I was at an ONT departure gate and 2 bewildered women were staring at the...
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    Southwest Shopping A220 and 737 Max 7

    One of my favorite Herb stories s when WN was shopping for a replacement for the -300's and -500's. AB was selling their A320 and invited a team to Paris to show of their plane. They wanted to impress and wine and dine the WN team and asked what particulars Herb liked. They said that Herb...
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    United drops a Sunday surprise, ends change and standby fees

    E, that ticket brings back so many memories. Obviously not that particular one but an actual paper ticket. The price of of the ticket adjusted for inflation is $917.00 in today's money. I just did a quick search on and found several flights on AA nonstop from DFW to LAX in F for...
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    G4 4205 on 9/28

    Last night, 9/28, G4 had a flight from RFD to SAN #4205, as it approached SAN, it appears that it missed it's landing and diverted to PSP. They turned it around after a short time and it landed back in SAN at 1247am. There is a lively neighborhood debate on another site about the flight and...
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    Odd Question

    Recently took a trip to KEF on FI. Nice trip and good service. Was seated up in Saga Class and they presented a nice tray of food. The napkins rings were really unique, nothing to notate that it was Icelandair but it had a cool Scandinavian design. While in KEF, I looked in a couple of...
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    When will SWA go to Hawaii???

    I know that it's all gossip and over the years, I've heard plenty. I was recently visiting friends who are still working and they both mentioned that they've heard talk of buying HA.
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    PLS? New city?

    Looking to go to the Turks and Caicos and pulled up various websites and saw that Southwest is beginning service from FLL to PLS on November 5th. When was that announced? It would be great, just don't recall it being announced.
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    Couple Threatened by Delta Employee?

    As in the words of our Dear Leader, there is a HUGE discussion about this over on other sites. According to my mother's neighbor best friend, 2 adults, 1 teen and 2 babies flew from the Mainland to Hawaii. They had their hands full during the flight over. They were on a Red Eye on their...
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    Southwest to stop overbooking of flights

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't WN have a higher rate of of IDB's because they compensate 10 Minute Rule Customers? When you have multiple flights between cities and are clearing stand by's to ensure a full flight, as a gesture of goodwill, WN has compensated those folks that were...
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    Southwest takes #1 spot from AA for carrying most passengers

    Kind of off topic, but the response of the United Pilot MEC regarding the UA 3411 incident sure makes a clear distinction that even though it was branded as a UA flight, the Pilot statement makes it clear that it was a Republic Airlines aircraft and flight crew. Which brings in the semantics...
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    Paying passenger roughed up and removed by the Police on an over sold flight

    The flight was operated on an EMB 170. How many Cockpit Jumpseats? Are there any FA Jumpseats? When we had to re-route Cabin Crew the junior FA took the 4th and the Co-Pilot took the Jumpseat. Most smiled and took the seat, every now and then we had to explain in a nice way how this was...
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    Paying passenger roughed up and removed by the Police on an over sold flight

    Denied Boarding situations can always be a crap shoot. Throw in an Invol. DB and you escalate it 100 times. I blame the gate agents for boarding all of the pax and putting people in a confined space to handle an awful situation. When the guy didn't want to go, up the ante and get someone to...
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    Max arrival's and 300's retirements

    I was on a -300 from CHS to DAL and had an hour MX delay this past Sunday. It's time for them to gracefully exit. I remember many times desperately calling dispatch to switch out a -200 for a brand new -300 to stop an oversale. I can't believe that the -700 would be next, but life goes on.
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    2016 4th Q and Full year numbers

    I know that the price of the stock is not Fiscal numbers but the market cap of WN is now $35.25B. With news of Warren Buffet and his new interest in the Airlines, we are nearly at the what experts are calling for $62.07 Closed today at 57.29, it's up .30 cents in after hours.
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    2016 4th Q and Full year numbers

    When I retired from WN, I held onto my stock. After yesterday's announcement and a 9%, planning on selling some and having a little fun!
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    President Trump

    Well, according to Kellyanne, while speaking to Chuck Todd, the new government will use "Alternative Facts" as needed.
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    CVG, GCM and new LUV for FLL

    Sorry, Kev, I wasn't clear in my post. In the news press that WN released, they are in a "countdown" mode for the new terminal in FLL. Unfortunately with the sad news in FLL today, the news helicopters are showing the somewhat completed new terminal.
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    CVG, GCM and new LUV for FLL

    New cities announced today are CVG with service to MDW and BWI. Other new city is GGM with service to FLL. GCM is basically a new "countdown" to opening the new terminal. When it opens, FLL will have Intn'l service to NAS, HAV, SJU, VRA, GCM, BZE, SNU and CUN. FLL is also getting new or...
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    College Football rivalries

    In the deep south of the Bible Belt, you have University of South Carolina (Gamecocks) and the Clemson (Tigers). There are some very interesting sayings using the mascots names and various versions.