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    Delta pilots give it up again

    $147,000? What an insult!!!! Savy
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    Interesting quotes from the courtroom.....

    Prior to pilot pay and benefits being cut pilots would say that " I do this for the love of flying". Now your saying it doesn't pay enough and it takes 3 recalls to get 1 back. Which is it? Most folks would be more than happy with pilot pay and quality of life issues. Not trying to pick a fight...
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    Exec: Delta Unprepared for Pilots' Strike (AP)

    My point was doctors have significant expenses that pilots don't have. This needs to be looked at when comparing incomes. In addition, I believe pilots in Europe are legally responsible for their mistakes that cause injury, but not in the US. Savy
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    Exec: Delta Unprepared for Pilots' Strike (AP)

    I really don't have a dog in this fight,however, doctors can be sued and pay astronomical premiums for malpractice insurance that comes out of their income. Pilot error on the other hand that causes death or injury to passengers leaves the pilot with no individual liability to the best of my...
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    Judge: Dal Pilots Overcompensated!

    In days of old lucrative contracts were negotiated and then a fare increase was filed with the CAB who hand stamped the approval. This went on until deregulation and now things are a little different. The Golden Goose is now road kill.I don't blame anyone for negotiating the best deal, but...
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    Judge: Dal Pilots Overcompensated!

    Actually $1,000,000 was a significant "low ball" estimate. Also, "too'Savy" is more like it. Anyway, as I said I do not sit in judgement nor do I believe I'll see any pilots in the bread line. I'll not go into the advantages of lump sum pension payments , but getting your money up front has...
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    Judge: Dal Pilots Overcompensated!

    Just curious. If the pilots on average make $169,000 and have already given a BILLION in concessions how much did they make previously? I've heard rumors of lump sum pensions of over $1,000,000? Someting seems out of whack, but I'll not sit in judgement. Seems most folks could get by on any six...
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    Hello Charlotte

    Well sais. Savy
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    Rico Suit Against Us/alpa/rsa

    Try: Savy
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    Thank You To Whom Ever Made This Merger Possible

    I have no dog in this fight, but a blend seems fair and DOH does not.. Fences are probably the answer , but not for a few years, but several. Savy
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    Can The Merger Make Money With Oil At $60 A Barrel

    I meant to say the merger is in danger at those oil prices. Savy
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    Usairways Sells Erj-70's And Slots To Republic

    This must not affect you! Savy :down:
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    Airlines See Uplifting Sign

    J.R. Baker doesn't sound too happy if you read the link on the America West board. They may want the merger to proceed , but not at their personal expense. Savy
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    Miscellaneous News Items On Merger

    Oil is now close to $60. Savy
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    Mda To Republic

    Rico, Sounds like you are about to get screwed by some chipmunks. This isn't right or fair and I hope it doesn't come to that. Savy
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    Alaska Air

    Jim, there is no question as to who is more respected on this board! Savy
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    Thank You To Whom Ever Made This Merger Possible

    DOH will be a catastrophe for the HP F/A. Anything less than a blend will destroy the new company IMHO. Savy
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    Us Airways Watch

    Stunning! Savy
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    Boyd On Merger

    Wife's fortune? No wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Savy