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    UAL & CAL possibly merging

    Just curious. Everyone seems to think Tilton was hired as a hatchet man, which obviously he was, and then was going to walk away with big bucks, on top of the big $$ he already received. My question is; what is making him stay at UA ? Did he get jet fuel in his blood, is the airline biz that...
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    AA pilots

    Sorry but the CO pilots take the cake. On the 757 and 767, if BF is full of revenue pax, they get a row in coach, no curtain either. FA's have better crew rest than that.They can thank their negotiators(mostly 737 guys) for that SAFETY SELLOUT. Embarrasing too.
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    I don't know enough about the PBS system our CO pilots have,but from what I've heard from them,it doesn't honor seniority completely,reduces vacation credit time somehow and a few other major things,with little or no open time.Thats what happens when you sign a CBA with blank pages to be filled...
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    We actually have a side letter in our contract that prohibits PBS from being implemented in our FA contract.Our pilots switched over and they seem very unhappy with the system they have(there are many variations from what I understand) and partiallt based on this,the IAM came out with this side...
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    We bid lines,not a PBS sysytem like our pilots switched to.For Sept 09,there are 5 GRU lines that are built piggybacked and 2 that are patterned 1x a week.Gru depts EWR at 10.00PM and lays over for 12 hrs (during the day) and departs GRU at 9pm the same night arriving in EWR at 6.00AM.They go...
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    Line holders need 10 hrs block to block in their home base.CO routinely bulids "piggyback lines for FA's. India,TLV and GRU all arrive @5AM and many FA's trip trade to go out the same afternoon or back to India or Israel. Not my scene.
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    Do you post inane B.S. just to get attention? Please show the whole world any P.M.'s I have sent you and the schedules for any FA's other than yourself . I work for CO,not DL.Possibly it is you under your former alias that worked for DL. As for trip protection,we do lose overs and are pay...
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    Wow.So every other issue can now be ignored?
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    US Airways and American Airlines to merge?

    FA Mikey,Check your PM's
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    I've been with CAL before BK and have forgotten more stuff about about all the backroom politics between the company and IAM than you will ever know in your short career here(After you "left" DL).Tell me why there was no reason to release the vote numbers for TA2?Why was our vacation accrual...
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    Larry Kelner to step down as CO CEO

    Gordon or Brenneman may not be able to come back to CO, but they will find a way to call the new company TW-AM or something like that. I hope I am wrong,but the only thing bigger than a 747 is the ego of airline CEO's.
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    Larry Kelner to step down as CO CEO

    CO will merge/acquire/buy parts of United within a year. Kellner said as long as he was CEO,CO would not be merging with United.Well,LK is leaving at the end of the year and Smisek has been groomed to sit on the egg till Bethune makes his comeback.Gordon's ego is too big(disregard what he said...
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    Thats the problem with the IAM.They are to buddy buddy with the company. You even admitted you dont know why you were involved in the contract negotiations.Because the IAM is so jacked here,thats why.Ask the CO Fa's why they overwhelmingly voted down TA1 and never saw the vote tally when TA2...
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    Layoffs? Numbers?

    Look who's back!Why are you so anti-passenger? Yes some are a pain in the butt and get no sympathy, but the majority of your posts are so negative and condescending(sp) its a joke. Are you afraid of getting furloughed?Take your anger out on management who repeatedly line their pockets at the...
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    U.S. airline merger talks could resume in '09

    FA Mikey and others. This poster doesn't represent all 9500 of the CAL FA's.Look at his/her post on the woman who got paralyzed on CO 511 the other day. Possible paralysis and Hot2Trot is monday morning quartebacking about someones actions,but I digress. I agree with you that brain surgery...
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    CBS to devote entire morining show to hero pilot

    The 60 minutes piece was excellent.Sully was gracious to include the entire crewand the first responders.One of the FA's was gracious to be a NY'ernow,which loomberg had to cutely invite her to be a taxpayer too,Ha Ha.The FA in the back seems to be the most traumatized and she still hasnt been...
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    New Atlantic Routes?

    If you think its going to suck on the 757 to Europe,you are correct.pax and crew hate it,except for the AVOD.CAL flies to many Euro cities out of EWR on the 757,including OSL CGN,TXL ,HAM and other German cities.Lots of fuel stops in the summer or loads were restricted (Germans don't...
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    flight attendant job----unfriendly skies

    You forgot to mention the unlimited yummy turkey sandwich's we get to gobble down!
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    Airtran to slash workers pay...

    AirTran management must have taken a play right out of the CO playbook.When the FA's voted no to concessions the first time and the pilots and mechanics voted yes,the company went ahead with concessions anyway with those 2 groups. They couldnt bacttrack fast enough. Don't believe the all or...
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    Toilet Seat Lawsuit

    From Letterman 10 Pilot's judgement was impaired from long day of drinking 9 Passenger never requested a non-lavatory seat 8 It wasn't just any toilet -- it was our exclusive "Admiral's Toilet" 7 That thar seat-countin' is hard 6 It was either there or the overhead...