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    Get Ready....system Furlough To Begin In July

    not sure if its true had an employee (csr) get a transfer to midwest station, fulltime yesterday, report date early jul.
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    True Or False ?

    I am saying there is no labor cost involved whatsoever, just everything else (management controlled I might add) and american is 25% more efficient?
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    True Or False ?

    Is this rumor making the rounds true our false, it goes like this Alpa financial experts did an apples to apples study of united airlines compared to american airlines,concerning our overall cost not counting labor, again labor cost were not counted and americans cost was 25% less than ours,I...
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    Afa Wants To Authorize Strike

    Gopher what I want to know is what is managements concession package this time,hopefully not what you got last time,this time you guys need to come off the bench and join the team Last time 1.under $30,000 NO paycuts 2.paycuts from 3 to 11% depending on salary 3. 11% was only the top 8...
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    Bend Over Everyone

    US Airways = Medieval Bohica United = Standard Bohica
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    Good Faith Bargaining

    Very interesting , seems US air management better take a hard look at this Question, when it gets to the judges decision on the 1113c process can the union put up a contract with concessions, but not the medieval bohica that us air is trying to get away with to go head to head with us airs first...
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    Latest Rumors

    Lets see I saw that Exxon/Mobil made 5.68 billion in the last quarter yes I said quarter Bush/Cheney=Oil companys happy Bush/Chenney=Airline Management happy, probable union busting activites Pray for Kerry I will say this I got the management speech about upcoming concessions/benefit...
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    Read It And Weep

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    Read It And Weep

    My predictions with todays news 1.Delta is in chapter 11 no if ands or butts about it 2.American, another threat of ch11 is coming soon(more pay and benefit cuts for you) 3.I hope I am wrong about this one but a US air like 23% actually ended up being 21% paycut for everyone but management, a...
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    Interesting Graph

    How about this ASSOCIATED PRESS July 2, 2004 DALLAS – A tentative labor agreement would give flight attendants at Southwest Airlines an average 31 percent pay raise and put them among the industry leaders in pay and work rules.
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    Interesting Graph

    Industry Salaries AVERAGE SALARY PER PILOT, 2003 Delta: $197,400 Northwest: $161,900 US Airways: $154,900 Continental: $140,000 Southwest: $130,100 American: $130,000 US Airways, with proposed cuts: $119,300 United: $116,500 JetBlue: $93,500 America West: $92,100 Air Tran: $90,800...
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    Battle Line Is Drawn

    I can assure you that in apples to apples comparison of staffing levels at my station american has more employees in every area Bagroom 1 ual to 3 aa Mail 0 ual to 1 aa which means a permanent ramp service person at the mailhouse all day, at Ual 1 csr is supposed to do mail/freight/interline bag...
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    Airlines Told To Reduce Flights At O'hare

    RJ here RJ there RJ everywhere
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    United Appears Boxed In As Trouble Percolates

    Mr. Lorenzo, in an interview, said that United could successfully restructure if it attacked its pensions and health-care plans and adopted the low costs at JetBlue and Southwest as its model. Southwest = Yes (Top pay 5-1-05 Sw $24.00/ Ual $21.42 ,plus better benefits etc) Jet Blue = No The...
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    United Snags $1b In Loans, Buys Time To Reorganize

    I have a question...Will the united employees be willing to lower there wages to america west level to make this work? ie. 13 per hr. I would bet that consessions to that level are going to be asked by GE to give up the cash..... U employees are being asked to go to that level now if you want...
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    Ual To Miss More Pension Payments

    How in the world is Mr Brace still here to tell us these revalations ?
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    Airline Executives Meet

    By the way A320pilot you need to get down to IAH to learn how to fly your new ride, the EMB170 is down for testing and I have not seen you down for your orientation.
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    Exit Financing A La Francaise?

    Chip Says "In addition, the 400 A320 family aircraft order is still available, if so desired. Airbus says "It is desirable that we go through with this order to someone,if not you" Of course I made this up but who knows? one last point the LCO will use A320 family aircraft.Also heard that...
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    Exit Financing A La Francaise?

    This is the version of this RUMOR that I heard coming from a couple of United pilots that heard this at the training facility from an Airbus/company pilot 1.Nothing will happen till retirement is hashed out 2.UAL takes over a big Airbus order from a certain star partner 3.Airbus agrees to train...
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    Second Qtr Results. Keep up the good work!

    Semismallbusdrvr I got a interesting story for you about my esop stock,I cashed it out last week for $390 something dollars after taxes,this was once valued at $32,000.00, so I added a little and went out and bought a new Sony dv camcorder with it, now I tell everybody who asks about it,have you...