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    US Hires more pilots

    Does anyone know how many furloughed pilots accepted recall. With 1500 on the street it didnt take to long to go through the list Thanks
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    Furloughed and need help with new non rev listing procedure

    Could anyone please tell me how to list for a flight with the new compass system. I have been furloughed since 2002 and the phone system went dead yesterday. I have tried to log onto the compass system but not sure which employee number I should use. I tried to call IT and they said I needed...
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    4th Quarter Report

    You are an idiot. Your article is a year old :o
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    Furloughed Forever

    I thinks it is great you still want to return but I would respectively advise that you move on and dont look back. :(
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    Some quotes from PO'ed Delta Employees....

    Delta FF and employee's will be impressed with how AA replaces "southern hospitality with cool northern (or I guess now its western) efficiency. ;)
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    Chicago O'hare

    At $36.00 each way it looks like jetblue is setting itself up to lose even more money. What can their management be thinking. Does anyone know the average fare from ORD to New York or Los Angles?:(
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    More pilot recalls coming!

    F you ALCARLOS!
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    More Fare Nonsense

    How do you figure that B6 manually reports their times? last time I checked they had ACARS just like US Back on topic, I would not worry about B6 in the long run. They have no pricing power and cannot seem to price their product in a way to make any money. They have the lowest cost in the...
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    Furloughed US Airways

    Let me check.... line holding Captain on the 320 at over $120 per hour ($180 over 70 hours)16 to 18 days off, 3% 401K match, 15% discount on stock + stock options vs. junior F/O on on reserve (you fill in the amount) No matching 401K and union dues to boot. I'll be back as soon as they call. :D
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    Jetblue gate/gates in CLT

    I heard today that jetblue will be operating out of D-6 in CLT. If true, this seems like change of policy from keeping all non US Airways carriers on the A-gate. Anyone else heard this. Thanks
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    Judge Rules Against Comair’s Motion

    To bad none of the pilots unions took it all the way to the judge. Might have had a better outcome. Guess we will never know for sure :(
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    Earnings coming up Tuesday April 25-06

    Its alright, If jetblue goes down usairways will profit and call us back to work. If jetblue manages to survive all the naysayers, we will still have our job here. Its a win win situation :)
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    UAUA closes over $40

    Here we are almost a month later and oil is almost $73 dollars/bbl. I was under the impression United's financial plan on exiting was based on $50/bbl. Any word on what the numbers are expected to be? Thanks
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    JetBlue Has Carolina on its Mind

    Adult Fare $69.00 USD Wed, 26 Jul 06 Flight 1082 6:00 am Depart Charlotte, NC (CLT) 7:50 am Arrive New York NY (JFK) Be afraid. very afraid!
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    Letter from Doug Parker

    When was the last time LCC or U posted a profit?
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    Two new cities on Friday

    I'm going to guess PIT and RDU just for the fun of it.
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    B6 Responds to Loss with Broader Expansion

    Usually jetBlue pays the profit sharing in Feb. I guess this year they will be making a deduction from the profit sharing accounts. :(
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    Jetblue reports wider than expected loss

    Time to pull out those resumes. :huh:
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    Delta and jetBlue to merge?

    Sneak Peek 2006 Mark Tatge On Transportation 12.28.05, 6:00 AM ET Flash: Forecasts For 2006 The Big Trend After three horrible years, some airlines may start showing profits in 2006. It is too early to call it a turnaround, but moderating fuel prices have brought relief, at least enough...
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    Delta pilots to strike?

    It wont be long before the delta pilots fall in line and give in to company demands. The bottom has still not been found. Pay and benefits will continue to erode until a stand is made. It may be delta pilots making that stand eventually, but I think we are at least 3 more rounds of...