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  1. markkus757

    Mainline back to PVD

    Since September 2007, PVD has been without scheduled DL mainline (mainline employees above wing stayed though). Daily, effective 11/1/09: ATL-PVD 0935-1205 flight #1632 PVD-ATL 1245-1547 flight #1837 So glad to see this.
  2. markkus757

    DL to fly NRT-PDX/HNL/GUM

    DL has filed with the DOT to use their 763's on these routes starting on or by 6/1/09.
  3. markkus757

    US aircraft seating capacity questions

    Hey all, can anyone answer these: E70 - 72 or 76 seats E75 - 86 or 88 seats 319 - 124 or 126 seats 321 - 169 or 180 seats thanks for your help!
  4. markkus757

    US back to Daytona Beach, FL

    3X E75's to CLT (with a bunch of extra sections and mainline capacity additions on race weekend) starts 01 February 2008. DAB-CLT: 0830-1015 1230-1415 1730-1915 CLT-DAB: 1000-1145 1500-1645 2000-2145 PVD-MCO Saturday only resumes on 2/16 as well: MCO-PVD: 1100-1443 733 1435-1739 733 good...
  5. markkus757

    Colgan Q400 flying

    anyone have any updates on when, where, etc. the Q400 flying is going to start? I know the landing gear issues with the aircraft have at least delayed things, but there has been no news on this in a while.
  6. markkus757

    AA to axe Bangor, ME (BGR) service
  7. markkus757

    UA 737-300 Question

    Does anyone know how many 120 seat 733's and how many 128 seat (old 'shuttle) 733's are in UA's current fleet. How does one know which type is scheduled on a given route??? Are there plans to go to a single configuration?? Thanks all...
  8. markkus757

    CO Express question

    Without stirring up a huge debate here - can someone tell me what/if is allowed under any scope clauses that may exist within the CO labor contracts? Can CO operate 70 seaters, 90 seaters under a 'contract' carrier or do those HAVE to be flown by mainline crews? How many 70/90 seaters can CO...
  9. markkus757

    Bad Rumor(?)

    I recently heard from the locals at my airport that there were two ramp personnel that were fairly high up on the totem pole in BOS that got busted for DUI on the ramp after they hit an aircraft engine during pushback. I was wondering if anybody could shed some more light on this incident.
  10. markkus757

    Engine Type?

    I realize that Amwest's and US' engines on the Airbus aircraft are different. And last time I checked, Amwest was still getting new frames delivered. My ? is this: are they different than what has been delivered and/or has US decided on an engine going forward. P.S. - I know that you cannot...
  11. markkus757

    Republic Airlines question

    What is the IATA code for Republic Airlines (the one that bought MidAtlantic - not the one bought by NW years ago)? I know Chautauqua is RP I know Mesa is YV I think PSA is JS... ???
  12. markkus757

    JAN flight schedule

    Looking at the January schedule uploaded this past weekend and couldn't help but notice that PVD and MHT loose all MSP nonstops and go down to just 3 daily DTW flights. This is a 50% schedule reduction for MHT and 62.5% reduction for PVD since last summer - OUCH!
  13. markkus757

    Retirees Get A Voice

    Check this out: AP Lawyer Speaks Up for Delta Retired Pilots Wednesday September 28, 5:50 pm ET By Aleksandrs Rozens, AP Business Writer Delta's Retired Pilots Should Be Paid Before Other Creditors, Lawyer Says NEW YORK (AP) -- Delta Air Lines Inc.'s retired pilots should be put ahead of...
  14. markkus757

    Uh Oh, Look Out.

    NWA seeks ground worker pay cuts Thursday September 29, 12:06 am ET Northwest Airlines is asking for $190 million in annual cost cuts from ground workers. Affected are baggage handlers, clerks, reservation agents and other ground workers represented by the International Association of...
  15. markkus757

    Lookin' Good

    I was working this morning in PVD when I saw Herbie's plane. I liked the fact that it will be the only plane in the fleet eventually with the old paint job. The subtle changes are pretty cool also. :up:
  16. markkus757

    Usairways History Info Needed

    I need help with some information... 1) What was the official DATE in 1979 that Alleghany changed it's name to USAir. 2) What is/was the official DATE that Alleghany (the DH8 commuter version) was merged into Piedmont (the other DH8 commuter version)? And it the newly combined operator...