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    PHL hub status

    Word is that PHL might loose hub statis? CLT is promised to be OK.
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    Pit plus merger?

    What do you think would happen to Pit if and when a US and AA merger would take place?
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    cave dwellers

    ANNOUNCEMENT, this just in all Ron Paul cave dwellers have been ordered back to your caves. Please sit by your fires for futher orders. Thank You, if you can't read this message please find a cave man who can, GOOD LUCK.
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    ramp contract

    Any news about the fleet service contract? What are we asking for and what are they willing to give? And what citys are they after NOW?
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    republic in pit.

    Just wondering if republic is thinking about expanding in pit?
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    Pit. catering jobs

    I was told that the catering dept. in pit was to shut down this year or at the end of last year, any info on this matter?
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    What will happen in Pit. this year

    For just about the last ten years there has been layoffs on pit ramp every year. Just wondering if anybody has heard anything about it for this year (2012). Seams like we are always the last to know.