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    Proving run?

    when we start new flights like Belize and the Turks, etc, do we have to do a proving run since we never flew there before?
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    The Real Problem

    Folks, the real problem is the Airline Business as we know it today is broken. With almost every carrier in financial distress, seeking concessions, cutting flights, routes, employees, planes and whatever else they can think, it has to go deeper then just soft travel demand from September 11th...
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    DIP done

    [SPAN class=t]US Airways Says Objections To New DIP Loan Resolved[/SPAN][BR][SPAN class=tt]Wednesday November 6, 3:58 pm ET[/SPAN] [BR][SPAN class=au]By Deborah Eckert, Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES[/SPAN] [DIV class=ar]WASHINGTON -(Dow Jones)- U.S. Airways Group Inc. (NYSE:[A...
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    PIT-LGW suspended

    In an unrelated move, US Airways said it will suspend direct flights between Pittsburgh and London for two months beginning Jan. 11 through March 8. The company said it was suspending the flights in order to comply with federal regulations requiring that the cockpit doors on its A-330 fleet be...