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    1 Billion In Financing For Merger

    ... and the new A350's are powered by GE engines. Doesn't anyone see that this type of deal goes WELL beyond the normal... :)
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    Seasonal Phl To Vce And Bce?

    Just saw in my Dec e-statemnet that US will begin seasonal service to Barcelona and Venice in May. Are these 767 or A330 flights? Hope US will still be around to make $$$ on these flights! Beginning in May, US Airways will offer seasonal daily flights to Venice, Italy and Barcelona, Spain via...
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    Zone Boarding

    Zone boarding works very well on other carriers. It's essentially idiot proof in that there is a big zone number printed on the boarding pass. Of course we know that even then things are crazy. This is much less confusing that calling out all the different possiblities - FC, Chairman's...
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    Lets Go Over Today's Paycheck

    I don't trust anyone with my retirement dollars except for me. I'm with Piney in that I make contributions above and beyond every month to the 401k and take full advantage of the company match. That's in addition to a separate IRA. One of the easiest ways to save your ass in retirement is to...
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    Usairways Will Turn To Dole For Help

    This place is AMAZING!!! Now we are supposed to believe that US's pending doom is ELIZABETH DOLE'S fault!!! Anyone who's been in the the airline business too long has no one to blame but themselves... My god, I will laugh about this one for days....
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    20 Cuts In Pittsburgh

    While Bayer may be a good source of revenue for US on the PIT-FRA Bayer Bus in Envoy it's apparently not enough to support the flight. Or, more specifically, US *thinks* it can better utilize that A-330 to another destination on the Continent. We'll see.
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    Today's Alpa Meeting With Lakefield

    Because that's for the market to decide, not some judge. I can not believe that anyone in his right mind would think that shutting down US would be a "good thing". In addition to the thousands of lost jobs, the ripple effects would have such a negative impact in so many places it's...
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    And Now The End Is Near

    :) See you somewhere down the road!
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    First Posted Photo's Of Roachfest 04

    Thanks for the photos...
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    Us Broad Europe Access Application

    That's fine. I don't doubt that Lakefield said "nothing will happen any time soon." But given that you can't ramp-up trans-Atlantic flights as quickly as you can domestic flights, there is nothing to say that US isn't exploring the possibility. They'd be fools not to. If they can aquire...
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    Us Broad Europe Access Application

    So US has filed and say they have no immediate plans, yet want to keep the option open "in order to obviate the need to file another application in the future should additional services operated by US Air or code-sharing be warranted." It would be a wise move for US to look at the...
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    Trouble In The Air - Marketplace Sends

    What part of "The inescapable fact is that US Airways and other big carriers are tied to a business model that no longer works" is not true? The angst and lack of optimism leads me (a passenger) to believe this place is doomed.... that's a shame IMO. :(
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    Us Airways / Behind The Scenes: Machinists

    This is complete and TOTAL BS. I am a middle-class American thank you very much and do not for ONE second think that you speak for me. The reality is that there are a bunch of folks who work in union "protected" jobs that think the United States of America owes YOU that protection not only...
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    They're Cashing In

    I'm sitting on 100's of thousands of Dividend Miles. I don't have any worries right now but, as Randy Petersen points out in his article, that situation may change. I'll probably do a wholesale assesment around Thanksgiving and decide if I want to continue to carry a large balance or whittle...
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    I Don’t Owe U A Yes Vote

    WOW! I did not know that Dave was responsible for the Sep. 11 attacks that crippled US for months AND the state of the economy AND the record high price of oil AND union senority lists! That guy sure must have been busy.... :rolleyes:
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    Lakefield Throws Down Gauntlet

    Thanks for the correction - I did not know US had them that early.
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    Is Us Air Implementing The “transformation Plan?

    .... and why can you not let your posts stand on their own merits just like everyone else? Quit acting like this is a children's playground. Additionally, the last time I checked, US already flew to Rome? :D
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    Lakefield Throws Down Gauntlet

    I agree on all your points. There have been numerous opportunities that US management has failed to take advantage of. Youre examples are spot on as to why the revenue stream is NOT as strong as it should/could be. A perfect example is the NRT slots US was granted during the Wolf...
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    Lakefield Throws Down Gauntlet

    At what point do the unions and management stand up and address the fact that revenue is never going to return to the levels that used to barely support the language of the labor contracts. It's no secret to anyone that in years past, US's management would sign the future away to get a better...
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    A New Slant On Why Labor Should Give Back!

    Exactly why nobody should want US to file BK again. It is in everyone's best interest for US to continue as a revenue generating entity - not one that shuts the revenue stream to zero and sells its parts.