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    Top 3 Things.

    Keep American's one way awards policy.
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    Widebody AC Hub-Hub

    I can see PHL-ORD and CLT-MIA on quick turns or one ways between Europe turnarounds.
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    Spirit Airlines Airbus clips US Airways jet at Fort Lauderdale

    What does the other guy look like?
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    American-US Airways merger proposal expected to come soon

    Formal merger proposal offered
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    Limited PHL-JFK service

    There is probably enough time to send someone on a bagel run with delivery in time for a nice brunch. :)
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    Announcement from USairways on 4/20/12 . That's all I can say
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    US Airways Express Carrier Republic Hones Its Pitch To Sell or Spin Off Frontier

    This was Dave Siegel's plan all along. :D :ph34r:
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    Potential suitors circle American Airlines

    Maybe they will redirect the PHL-LGA DASH flights to PHL-JFK. :o
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    etops1 posted photos in this thread at Anet.
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    I agree, keep the flag.
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    Sully to FLY EAL AC

    I guess this i the aircraft, she sure is a beauty.
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    Charlotte to Salt Lake City

    It's always great to see an aircraft being used like this instead of sitting overnight.
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    US Airways is hiring in 3 cities, including Phoenix

    What tax break is that?
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    Slot Swap

    It sounded to me like that Delta is the one selling all of the slots and would receive all the funds for them. It was one of the answers during the Q and A. Listen to the call at about the 53 minute point.
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    Slot Swap

    I just heard on the conference call that all the slots to be sold belong to Delta.
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    Slot Swap

    Does anyone know if the slot sales will be for before the swap slots or after the swap slots?
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    Slot Swap

    It looks like there might still be another gate to get through.
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    What would happend if we merge again?

    "You bet your Bippy"
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    USAirways #3 in BTN Survey

    The input for this survey is primarily from business travel managers. Article here
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    Smokey landing in PHL

    Article here