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  1. SolidCactus

    Does US Actually Have a Boarding Policy?

    I just have to ask this question because even though I still fly on US virtually every week, I still don't know the answer to this question. I'm a chairmans. I was flying today, and I thought to myself, "why is this boarding process on US so inconsistent? Is there actually a policy? OR do...
  2. SolidCactus

    Help Me Please - I Have A Billing Problem and Nobody Can Help Me

    Ok, I redeemed mileage for two tickets, which were supposed to be $5 each. I got billed $636 twice. I called the chairmans desk. They looked up my record and said, I see you were charged $5. It is wonderful that US system says I was charged $5, but I got my Bank of America statement, and I...
  3. SolidCactus

    Is US doing new things to conserve fuel?

    Flew on a Dash 8 - 100 today, and my God was it freaking hot on this plane. Now, it is fair to say that we are having a heat wave in the Northeast, and it was 95 degrees today, but I swear - could they really have designed this plane with such a poor air conditioning system that it doesn't cool...
  4. SolidCactus

    A Question about DM Upgrades...

    Question... I had two friends visiting me from SFO to PHL. I called the Chairmans desk (I'm CP), and asked if I could use my miles to purchase them an upgrade into first class. I was told yes. She debited my account for the miles, and gave them an upgrade to first. So today, I get this...
  5. SolidCactus

    Why So Many RJ's? Help Me Understand?

    Ok so my question is this... Why does US (and the other legacy carriers) run so many RJ's and Q 400's? Wouldn't it make more sense and possibly cost less to replace some of these with 737's? Lets take my home airport for example. AVP (Scranton PA). I'm taking a random day... Saturday June...
  6. SolidCactus

    Is This Picture Real?

    Someone sent me this picture and told me that this is really how planes land in St. Maarten? Is this really a US Airways plane landing here? or is this some Photoshop joke...
  7. SolidCactus

    Funny Error Message from

    Here's what happened: Your reservation cannot be retrieved. Itineraries cannot be viewed more than two days after travel. Here's how to fix it: Please wait a few moments and then try again. We'll I'd be there ALL DAY :rolleyes:
  8. SolidCactus

    US Airways Visa & the US Airways Website

    I dont know if anyone else has complained about this, but I can't be the only one that this happens to. I have a US Airways Visa card from Bank of America. I like to use the card to buy my US Airways tickets. The past THREE times I have tried to use this card on the US Airways website, my...
  9. SolidCactus


    I dont know if you guys ever used Wikipedia, but it is one of the most useful websites ever. I did a google search the other day and I THOUGHT I was on Wikipedia, but what I was reading was complete nonsense. I was reading an article on UN Cyclopedia, which is a mockery of Wikipedia. It...
  10. SolidCactus

    What Is Your Favorite Mainline Aircraft?

    I have always been curious - If the employees of US Airways had the choice to pick the aircraft that the airline fly's, which plane would be the plane of choice?
  11. SolidCactus

    I Wish Airtran Would Service AVP

    I really love to fly on Airtran. The 717 is a great plane (so quiet and comfortable). I live in AVP and PBI, and I commute back and forth. I've been driving to SWF from AVP for the direct to PBI flight, which I guess ends in a few weeks. Now with a connection through ATL, it won't make sense...
  12. SolidCactus

    Wal Mart Sues Brain Damaged Woman

    Has anyone seen this article? Walmart Sues Brain Damaged Woman This is unreal. How much money does this company need? Couldn't the Walton family donate something to her fund? Rather than sue for every last penny. What a disgrace. To think that they would treat a former employee like this...
  13. SolidCactus

    US Airways Cutting LAS Redeyes

    An article just posted to the Wall Street Journal about how US Airways will cut about 30% of its LAS redeye flights due to the rising costs of fuel. Wall Street Journal Article about US Airways cutting flights at LAS
  14. SolidCactus

    A New Slogan

    Over the years, there have been some very memorable slogans, and some not so memorable ones. I dont think many of us will forget DL "We love to fly and it shows", or AA's "We know why you fly". What do you think the official slogan of US Airways should be? Be serious, or sarcastic.
  15. SolidCactus

    Above & Beyond Program

    Just curious, what do you guys get when we fill out those Above and Beyond certificates?