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    UAL Seeks to Reject Former Exec Contracts

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    United Reaches Tentative Labor Pact with Pilots

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    UAL Positive Cash Flow Beat Forcast >From the mouth of Jake Brace Republicans in ''04, ''08, ''12....
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    Sunset Provision

    UAL says employee ownership falls below key level Friday March 7, 7:37 pm ET CHICAGO, March 7 (Reuters) - UAL Corp. (NYSE:UAL - News), parent of United Airlines, said on Friday its Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP (News - Websites)) had cut its holdings of company stock...
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    UAL Attorneys Bill...

    HTTP://BIZ.YAHOO.COM/DJUS/030227/1239000825_1.HTML Maybe we''re all in the wrong line of work...
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    US Airways gets ATSB loan

    HTTP://BIZ.YAHOO.COM/PRNEWS/030211/DCTU040_1.HTML hmmmmmmmmmm....
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    United to revive Shuttle

    More evidence that Tilton''s The Man. HTTP://BIZ.YAHOO.COM/AP/021212/UNITED_AIRLINES_1.HTML
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    Our manager said he heard a rumor that 250 pilots are going to be furloughed at the end of October. I don''t know where he heard it from, but it''s about time. There has been an excess of pilots for almost a year. How do I know this? For every 60 hour surplus line there is, that''s one more...