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  1. SpinDoc

    Changes in station management?

    The bigger and more successful carrier/survivor in this merger is AA. Therefore, AA managers should be leading the way and running airport operations where/when there is also a US Airways/HP manager in place, and they have the most flight operations. RDU is an example. GSO is an example. There...
  2. SpinDoc

    Changes in station management?

    Okay. What about the perennial favorite PIT? Is Kostelic out/retiring? He has overstayed his welcome and AA doesn't need a PIT Station Manager right now.
  3. SpinDoc

    Layoffs in Pit announced

    Mr. 700UW, give it up man. I have been following your posts for over 12 years, and most of your posts have been either irrelevant, or outright incorrect. US Airways was a great place to work in the 1990's and early 2000's because the industry was still trying to gain traction in deregulation...
  4. SpinDoc

    US Airways Fined $1.2 million by DOT

    The link worked last night. I tested it. Not sure what happened. Maybe NBC News took it down. Anyway, it still shows a lack of care and concern for disabled customers. Back in 2001, US Airways was fined for this same infraction, and I was part of the process to identify the root causes of the...
  5. SpinDoc

    US Airways Fined $1.2 million by DOT

    Looks like US Airways failed to provide adequate wheelchair assistance to disabled passengers in CLT and PHL during the past year. They received a $1.2 million fine with a reduction of $500K if they fix the problems to the DOT satisfaction. Seen this one before. Why can't US seem to get it...
  6. SpinDoc

    US Airways Reports Record December Load Factor

    Okay. You say you are waiting 10 minutes for someone to park your aircraft and get the jetway on the main cabin door. Well, there are many reasons a delay might occur, and unless you have actually worked receipt and dispatch from the ramp or gate level, you will never understand. The first...
  7. SpinDoc

    AA/US continuation of good trend

    Like it or not, Doug Parker has some kind of weird association with the Wall Street community, and he has access to M & A money. Wall Street likes to keep the flow and velocity of money constant so they can continue to kick the can down the road, and when someone threatens to cut off their...
  8. SpinDoc

    Piedmont workers nearing open rebellion ....

    Well, the majority of the slots that were exchanged with DL at LGA were US Airway Express slots. Why would Piedmont keep those 299 workers around at LGA when the flights have ceased to exist? Bueler...... anyone ........ anyone? Math skills in the US need to be placed at top priority in schools.
  9. SpinDoc

    B734 Flaps

    Jim: Trying to explain complex aircraft systems to the uninitiated is like trying to teach a pig to sing. It frustrates the pig, and it wastes your time. All that most laymen need to know is that the aircraft will tell the pilots when something is amiss, and the pilots will figure out a...
  10. SpinDoc

    Oh no....what the $*^# this now?

    Okay. After 3 pages of personal attacks and other nonsense, can someone with ACTUAL knowledge of the security incident in CLT please explain it to the rest of us? The WSOC report was rather vague, and this topic has seemingly stalled. If no one has anything concrete to share, then this topic...
  11. SpinDoc

    Soul Searching

    Sparrowhawk is NOT a poser. He is a former Chairman's Preferred who spent north of $50K per year for the privilege of being used, lied to, and abused by former US Airways senior management, so his credibility is without question. He and several other FORMER high profile customers tried to get...
  12. SpinDoc

    IAM Fleet Service topic

    Yes. You are finally beginning to understand. FSA Lead Agents in smaller stations are often GSC qualified, and that puts them in the pool for random selection. Just prior to my departure from CLT as a shift manager in 2008, there was a big push to have all FSA leads GSC qualified. I am not sure...
  13. SpinDoc

    IAM Fleet Service topic

    And, the company recently began requiring CSM's and Fleet Service Leads to be GSC certified, which would make my point valid. Thank You, Dog.
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    IAM Fleet Service topic

  15. SpinDoc

    IAM Fleet Service topic

    See following post.
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    US Airways is expected to report the second-biggest loss among domestic carriers

    As a former US Airways Shift Manager and Customer Relations Specialist, and now a manager in the rental car industry, I can agree with you that management and marketing have lost sight of their "road warriors" and top tier customers. Chairman level customers are on the road 50 weeks in a year...
  17. SpinDoc

    Oil spikes past $110

    From CNBC today: Oil Ends $3 Lower, Near $106, on Signs of Slowing Demand Light Sweet Crude OIL 105.82 Hmmm. Goldman-Sachs advises their investors to cash out of oil futures today based on their predictions that a major market correction is coming and they actually LISTEN and dump their...
  18. SpinDoc

    Oil spikes past $110

    Brother, you hit the nail on the head, but there are way too many wealthy and influential people playing the "game", and they are raking in the money at the expense of those who don't have the resources to play the game. The only way to stop the game is to take control of oil prices out of the...
  19. SpinDoc

    Oil spikes past $110

    Herein lies the problem. High level politicians are NOT worried about oil prices, because they are in hock to Wall Street who paid for their elected positions and have the money to control the market. I heard a CBS News analyst talk about the disconnect between supply and demand, and the...
  20. SpinDoc

    Oil spikes past $110

    I can assure you that Wall Street is fully hedged and the current price rise can be linked to large institutional funds pouring money into the oil futures market and driving the price up. Oil needs to be taken off the wall street casino and allow the true supply and demand levers to determine...