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  1. North by Northwest

    Curious, any US FA aware of the difference cost/pay

    " This really quickly devolved into a cost vs earnings debate. The original post said that the AFA chart should put to rest "who makes more." I still offer no opinion, except that the average employee (incl F/A's) could care less what it costs the company to have them on the payroll. Ask them...
  2. North by Northwest

    DOT FA cost/pay-compensation chart

    I guess this will put to rest who makes more between NW/DL 2007 U.S. DOT data reveals quite a different story: DOT figures show that the average Northwest flight attendant "costs" $3,300 MORE per year than our Delta counterparts.
  3. North by Northwest

    DTW WorldGateway
  4. North by Northwest

    Uh ohhh...where there's smoke...

    "Anderson said he has not spoken with Bill Ayer, Alaska's chief executive, about combining the two airlines. Alaska is the nation's 10th-biggest carrier. Such a merger, Anderson said, has "not been the subject of any of our conversations at all." (didn't I hear him say that about NW/DL?) (very...
  5. North by Northwest

    Outsourcing & Obama

    The FREE ticket for unlimited outsourcing may end soon. "Matthew Fazakas, president of the Teamsters’ local representing Denver mechanics, condemned any outsourcing. “Why on Earth does Congress allow laws to encourage the foreign outsourcing of good, skilled, middle-class and critically...
  6. North by Northwest

    Now that the merger "deal" is closed...

    Forecast of what's to come IF there is a NON UNION Delta after Union elections...You have "Delta/NW" word on it... So now that the merger is complete, the truth can finally start coming out: Delta Air Lines plans to cut 12 percent of its flying out of the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky...
  7. North by Northwest

    Pacific flying

    "Delta said Wednesday that next summer it will add three new non-stop flights from the U.S. to Tokyo's Narita airport, Northwest's Asia hub, from which Northwest flies to 13 other Asian cities. Northwest is also launching new non-stop flights between Seattle and Beijing and between Detroit and...
  8. North by Northwest

    Thank you dear Veterans

    To the women and men that gave it all for us to be here today. Thank you, thank you to their children, parents, and spouses. We are here Free because of the ultimate sacrifice and bravery demonstrated by our beloved American heroes. Our debt to you can never be repaid. Please know that we are...
  9. North by Northwest

    New day dawning for airline management

    The party is over...No more "whatever you want for management" stamp from the White House. It is pay back time for employees and Unions. No wonder NW/Delta pushed this down everyone's throat so fast. The clock was ticking on their bonuses. Pay back time now...I want my pay cut back, WITH...
  10. North by Northwest

    Your Delta/NW paycuts at work

    $27 MILLION for Richard Anderson, $22 MILLION for Steenland...and the list goes on. Who needs a silly ol'Pension anyway. Only Slaves worry about that nonsense. Bankruptcy is so profitable these days.
  11. North by Northwest

    Huge pay raise for Delta/NW pilots..ONLY

    Huge pay raise for Delta/NW pilots! Delta/Northwest Merger and Pilot Agreement Sets Historic Precedent Last update: 7:55 p.m. EDT Oct. 30, 2008 WASHINGTON, Oct 30, 2008 /PRNewswire-USNewswire via COMTEX/—Successful transactions must include pilots Capt. John Prater, president of the Air Line...
  12. North by Northwest

    IAM responds to merger approval

    "After eight years of disastrous economic decisions by the Bush Administration, this comes as no surprise. It is another opportunity for executives to stuff their pockets at the expense of working-class Americans. Delta and Northwest management have separately bankrupted their individual...
  13. North by Northwest

    NWA Air Line Pilots Association MEC

    17 OCTOBER 2008 Today the NWA Air Line Pilots Association Master Executive Council unaminously adopted a resolution of support for the Association of Flight Attendants and for our organizing efforts at Delta Air Lines. We thank them for their historic move and their spirit of solidarity, and...
  14. North by Northwest

    Who said the KLAN was's in PA.

    Klan like hysteria: These people are a DISGRACE to America in the 21st century.
  15. North by Northwest

    Obama New Union voting rules

    Fact Check: Would Obama 'take away right' to secret ballot for unions? Posted: 02:48 PM ET Sen McCain challend Obama over unions Monday. The Statement In a speech Monday, October 13, in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain took on Democratic opponent Sen...
  16. North by Northwest

    Rednecks for Obama!

    Never underestimate the heart and soul of rural America! :up:
  17. North by Northwest

    Dreamliner update

    "Northwest, meanwhile, which is merging with Delta Air Lines, sees the 787 as a cornerstone to its long-haul strategy. The carrier had planned to use its first 787 to support the March 2009 launch of daily nonstop service from Detroit to Shanghai, but earlier this year also hinted at 787 flights...
  18. North by Northwest

    New Palin BK info

    This might be why the Palins have such serious problems at home.
  19. North by Northwest

    2ed debate

    I feel sorry for McCain. It has become tragic to watch him...and that bizarre Neo Nazi wife he put on the VP tix. I am willing to donate to reserve a place for McCain at Shady Pines. In fact they should put that in the Pork section of the bailout.
  20. North by Northwest

    Background on McCain Things he would like for Americans to forget.