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    AA F class LAX-HNL

    Flew it last Oct. Salmon on way out, Mahi on flight back. Not a fish person, but they tasted ok. Seats regular 757 seats.
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    AAL- America West Aircraft

    Why the repaint? US already had these 4 planes painted. All they had to do was change the name on the side. Is there anything else different than the current US version of the retro plane?
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    Non-rev upgrade charges

    For now- flying on AA metal it's payroll deducted or invoiced. On US metal, you will be buying upgrades to put in your bank when you list for the flight.  Probably going to have to eventually have upgrades in your bank to be able to go first.   Also on Wings, new upgrade chart is <999 miles $10...
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    Yet Another Change

    The umnr age is changing in Sept. It's back to 5-14 to pay on nonstop only. US old fee only used to be $100 and kids got 2 bags free. We changed "to match AA" several months ago to go to age 12 as um and we upped our fee to $150 plus tax plus bag charges. This isn't a US fee. This is a new made...
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    I don't see the EWR flight to book on What is the flight number showing on the trip sheet for that flight? If it's a 9000 flight number, it's a charter or some special flight.
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    AA announces multiple seasonal cancellations, new Campinas flights Nobody mentioned the new Cap Haitien flights this week.          Also PHL-ZRH and PHL-BCN have been seasonal for many years in the past. Can't comment on the AA flights. This might also be a good time for...
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    USAirways Express adds Service from LAX

    We do a lot of TPA-LAX traffic now. Having a nonstop option should be a good addition, especially with all the new LAX flights with connections out West.
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    MIA new routes

    I'm not surprised that some of the new routes might not be 7 X a week either. Parker and team at US have a history of running flights only certain days of the week and not every day. It's also a good way to test the waters in a market without committing a plane to a single route. The ones that...
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    USAirways Express adds Service from LAX

    It still shows 2 TPA-PHX flights in Dec, but I don't know how far they've loaded the schedule yet. TPA-PHX fluctuates between one and two flights a day now depending on the season. Usually during May and Sept they go down to one flight and during the summer the night flight goes late to 845pm. I...
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    IFE on domestic flights?

    Just flew HNL-PHX two weeks ago on a 757 and had a movie. Didn't realize they had started back because I told my friend no movie or food. Last time I flew the route there was nothing onboard of either. This time there was both.
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    Uniform Testers

    8500 people signed up to try them on.
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    Uniform Testers

    I signed up just for the heck of it. Not big into fashion, but would like some input into user friendly clothes that wear well and last. What were the complaints involved? I didn't see any requirements that were extremely outrageous.
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    My Travel ID

    "Actives" didn't put retirees behind every single active. Management did this. We didn't get a say in it.
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    YYZ Changes post merger

    Just like it's sad that UA, a founding member of *A couldn't fly mainline jets between their major hubs at IAD/EWR to YYZ and only 3 from ORD? Maybe the traffic just doesn't warrant mainline flights, especially with all the connections offered and since AC has nonstop flights to a lot more...
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    New NonRev policy annouced

    Can someone help me out? I was trying to find where the company and the unions agreed to change the modified policy after the last merger and DOH change to DOH/FCFS. I have found the old AFA elines where they state they are grieving the change, but I cant find any info on the outcome and what...
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    AA to go back to "banked" hubs

    US does the flex flying now. We run a late PHX bank on Thur and Sun only and it only runs part of the year. On Monday and Tues, the last CLT bank is earlier in the day. PHL late flight doesn't run on Mon-Wed part of the time and during the holidays they add an extra early morning flight. This is...
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    Post merger policy: UM / live animal

    No to kids on connections or to transporting pets as cargo. We don't have the staffing to do either of these unless they add help. Not only that, but the bad publicity when either one of these goes awry isn't worth the extra $ collected. There are cargo companies out there that specialize in...
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    Hawai'i flight numbers re-allignment

    Not only do they now have round robin flights, there are many flights that now look like WN flight routings. 417 goes BOS-CLT-ORD-PHX-SFO....687 runs SAN-PHX-EWR-CLT-SLC. There are quite a few of these out there now. Saw UA flight the same way. Their evening flight from TPA leaving at 7-ish...
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    Potential New Routes

    My bad. Haven't looked at an IB map in quite a while. Thought BCN still had IB routes. Vueling Codeshare possible?
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    Potential New Routes

    Just thought with BCN having IB connections to major European cities, it might have enough traffic to serve as a valid connecting point replacing something like MUC with onward connections. I know it isn't going to be a major city for O&D once the cruises leave, but didn't know if there was...