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    UnPaid Sick time WITH A DR''S NOTE>>

    unfortunately we have the same problem as you. And our union the IAM is not enforcing the contract through arbitration. Never has. That is why this company continues to do anything and everything it wants to do, whether we have a contract or not. The employees have no voice and no power on this...
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    September 2003 Schedule

    We hear PIT will be down to 50 flights in October and just a dozen or so come January and MDA is looking more and more like CLT. Also throw in our Maintenance base going to IND. Our Airbus work is going to go to outsiders because our union forgot to put in black and white language. Scotty''s...
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    We made a profit;when do we get the 5% back?

    ---------------- On 5/14/2003 7:27:09 PM diogenes wrote: Joesy, (one of the all time great movies, in my view. "Whupped ''em again, Joesy") Note the icons I used in the original post - the question was intended to be ironic - perhaps I was too subtle for my own good. More than one union is...
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    We made a profit;when do we get the 5% back?

    ---------------- On 5/14/2003 11:49:36 AM diogenes wrote: ---------------- On 5/13/2003 1:49:19 PM sabre wrote: ---------------- On 5/12/2003 6:52:35 PM diogenes wrote: Does anyone know if the latest ''profit'' was pre or post-tax? If pre, do we get our 5% back, per the war/terrorism...
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    We made a profit;when do we get the 5% back?

    ---------------- On 5/12/2003 6:52:35 PM diogenes wrote: Does anyone know if the latest 'profit' was pre or post-tax? If pre, do we get our 5% back, per the war/terrorism contingency clause? Inquiring minds want to know! ---------------- you said you are involved with your union so why are...
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    US Airways Ready To Fly Embraer 170s Under MidAtlantic Banner

    RJ hub flying is a model that continues to fail. American can''t make a red cent with the RJ''s and ATR''s flying out of hubs. Once again, reinventing the wheel. Until we forecast the traveling public correctly we will be destined to get the snot beat out of us by the SWA of this world. love
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    All US Airways mechanics and related.

    ---------------- On 5/2/2003 7:01:53 PM LavMan wrote: JetMechanic or shall I say Joe, look in the mirror, you are the IAM. And what choice did the membership have, accept concessions or be out of work.  Look around not many AMT jobs out there at an airline, yes you can work for Timco or...
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    Unbelievable You must check this out!!

    Over at the American Airline link on US AVIATION a thread about the conflict of interest of someone who was on the American Arbitration Assication which conducted their vote was tied into some confidential papers in contract form with American. And her name is also mentioned as one of those who...
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    Sincerity and Negotiations

    Sincere: without deceit or pretense; truthful. Once again the workers get fooled by fear and the inept ability of the unions to cover all bases. I certainly hope there is some group that is organized enough to say 'no' to the veiled corporate greed. The workers at my company, US AIRWAYS...
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    US & UAL flight attendants beware of Hoffa

    Hoffa is scrambling in a move that is strictly political. What AFA member will want to join the IBT when the IBT's own flight attendants want out of the IBT? On Monday I read that, 8,000 NWA flight attendants put in enough authorizations to the NMB to get rid of the IBT and a new vote will be...
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    Caribbean Expansion... something I''ve been wondering

    ---------------- On 3/12/2003 1:59:58 PM DCAflyer wrote: I know it's too late now, but wouldn't it have made more sense to route Caribbean flights through MCO, that is before we gave up all those gates? Since MCO has so much O&D traffic (a good bit of which we HAD!) it seems to me that we...
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    IAM district convention cancelled

    the convention for 141M was canceled. I heard most of the Locals are broke. I wonder what will become of 141M once the United Airline Mechanics pull out.
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    Today, a Rival Union petitioned to oust IAM at United

    Lavman, It's amusing that the Toy union with Roach is already using rhetoric. Maybe if the IAM started representing people instead of themselves then there wouldn't have been a rival raid. love
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    Today, a Rival Union petitioned to oust IAM at United

    a 70% card signup? WOW! Looks like the IAM is gone over there. love
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    A.M.F.A. Files for Election

    Why would any mechanic want to keep the IAM? This question has nothing to do with AMFA, just why would any mechanic or even a ramper want to keep the IAM? They are doing an absolutely horrible job.
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    Have Unions Outlived their Relevance?

    at least one published report on The_mechanic web site said that some union officials of the IAM were mentioned as a suit against by IAM members at United regarding the ESOP. They have attorney berman who filed the suit. Yes, the same berman who won big settlements against Enron, Exxon...
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    Why hasn''t anyone posted the Mar 1 codaphone?

    ---------------- On 3/1/2003 12:24:08 PM PITbull wrote: ALPA code-a-phone: "The objector actuary witness also testified that if the pension plans were frozen, as opposed to terminating one plan, the funding obligation would be reduced by 700-900 million dollars over the same period when...
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    Why is the Caribbean profitable?

    It is nice to know that US AIRWAYS said the Carribbean is profitable. Is it because of the ticket price? Or are we just more competitive with these routes with the US AIRWAYS Vacations marketing?
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    Question To USAirways F/A''s From UAL F/A

    No worry. The unions at United praised Wolf, Greenwald, Goodwin and now Tilton. Tilton and the AFA will take care of you. love
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    Pilots must be on board for US AIRWAYS to get the Loan Guarnatee

    ---------------- On 2/12/2003 3:22:46 PM oldiebutgoody wrote: Looks like Mr. Siegel had better have another plan. There isn't a chance in the netherworld that the pilots will agree to this. If their contract is changed, You WILL see a pilot strike. No doubt in my mind. ----------------...