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    Thanks Doug: US Outsourcing 7 cities

    Scope?? We don't need no stinking scope..... How are you feeling about that "yes" vote now?? The company bought the west for a couple pieces of silver........owned.
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    New lanyards

    What I read said that new lanyards would be handed out the last week of July...Effective Aug. 1st. Have any stations even received a new one?
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    New lanyards

    Did the company actually go through with this? Did stations get new lanyards/arm bands? I haven't seen any new ones...plenty of yellow ones out there today!
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    Workbrain Time

    TPA Mis-management shows utter contempt for the workforce. They write the employees up for EVERYTHING....then try to push off the blame on Camille and Don Carter. They've succeeded in creating a toxic environment.
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    US IAM Fleet Service topic 5/14-

    What is the thunderstorm policy??
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    US Fleet Service Topic 4/30-

    True story.... Downline station manager sends a nasty gram because flight comes in with 1 bag in front of the webbing instead of behind it. (that's the audit of the month) Turns out the bag was held up by TSA and came out to the gate after the flt had pushed....crew threw the bag on out on the...
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    Above & Beyond Winners

    Or how about when a mechanic who spends lots of time in the ramp manager's office wins $1000? Hmmmmm....
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    PHL Operation

    Yeah? Thanks for the advice! It's a great time to be looking for a job! Hope that plan works out for you.
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    PHL Operation

    Or better yet.....Take the Manager job in Philly! Come back in 6 months and tell us how great it is! :P
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    PHL Operation

    Don't do it! The shift manager position is a "no win." If you do as "upper management" says the agents will hate you. If you get along with the agents then upper management will be out to get you. If you take any pride in your job at will be miserable in Philly. Just my 2 cents.
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    US IAM Fleet Service topic 2/17-

    guess that was wasted sarcasm...
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    US IAM Fleet Service topic 2/17-

    and I would like to work 160 hours in the beginning of the month and then take the rest off.....damn union!! guess I should have gone to flight school!! or read the contract before i voted! :o
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    Is US932 really crewed by East?

    What? Like locked in ur basement? :blink:
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    US add extra flights or upgrade to widebody jet?

    But will there be agents (csa and fleet) to work those flights??? TPA doesn't have many to start with.
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    New Attendance program

    Right now if you forget to clock in/out it's an occurrence same as if you didn't come in at all. Will that continue under the new policy?
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    New Attendance program

    Bottom line....if you are going to be out for a week instead
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    IAM Fleet Service Topic

    PHL votes tomorrow
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    IAM Fleet Service Topic

    Hey Perserverance! I hear you tore Chandlee a new one at the hall today.......good job!
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    Fleet Service topic IAM 141

    Canale negotiated a deal the exchanged an incentive program that had paid out once since 2004 for a guarenteed 1% pay increase
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    IAM Thread for the week of 2/19-2/26

    If we can only get what the company wants to give us then why have the IAM around at all?