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    Pilot Bid for Nov/Dec

    I am adding my hat into the mix about needing better info from the company and ALPA. Especially ALPA. The only thing I have received in the last year from USAirways ALPA is the survey about who may come back. To my knowledge I have never received anything from the furlough coordinator...
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    Do You Think The Pilots Have To Give More?

    You may be correct, the pilots may end up giving more, but even if they work for free, that is not going to solve the miserable customer service issues. The pilots are paid to move the airplanes. As long as the customer doesn't die in the process or get injured, he is happy with the pilots...
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    Do You Think The Pilots Have To Give More?

    I have already been replaced, three years ago. Some contract airline is flying an RJ on the routes I used to fly in a 737. I couldn't give a hoot about USAirs survival one way or the other anymore. In fact it would do my current career good if you finish imploding. I was not trying to...
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    Do You Think The Pilots Have To Give More?

    Productivity doesn't mean anything to pilot hourly wages. Pilots only get paid when the engines are running anyhow. If U had the productivity of SWA, they would have to start recalling pilots since most are flying max hours allowed now. You have to remember that per the FAR's pilots are...
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    Do You Think The Pilots Have To Give More?

    They will probably come after the pilots for another cut. Yes RJ pilots fly for much less, They are also hiring 500 to 1000 hour pilots to fill those seats. Most have never seen a jet before. I have spoke with many RJ pilots in my travels lately, it is amazing the number of them that do not...
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    Alpa Mec Code-a-phone Update

    LGA hmmmm, 320? Is that you? Kind of looks like a multible personality post.
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    Question On Out Of Senority Furloughs

    Consider these factors. 1. Current MDA agreements dissolve pilot senority. This is fact, signed off on by the MEC. And already implemented on those pilots flying there. 15 year pilots starting on first year pay. 2. MDA is operating on U's 121 certificate, but under a regional contract...
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    Company Provides Alpa With New Proposal

    The only honorable thing left is to tell Lakefield to run it with what they have and take the chance with the judge. If U dies, so be it. If ALPA officially signs off on out of senority furloughs it will be the complete destruction of the entire industy, and an end to what used to be a good...
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    Freshwater Responds To Santorum's Comments

    OMG!!!!!!! From one Airline Pilot to are one pathetic individual!!!!! Rescuing an airplane!!!! HAHAHAHAHA brother, I have not laughed that hard in a long time. You were just doing your job you reject.......just like every other pilot out there!!!!!! I will...
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    Embraer Suspends Us Airways Deliveries

    You are indeed a little slow in the mental department if you believe that this BK could have been stopped by ANY union on the property. Where have you been for the last 3 years? This BK, right down to the date filed has been planned a long time. I bet you get all excited about infomercial...
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    Alpa Calls Emergency Meeting

    Not true, we simply need people running the company that know what the he!! they are doing. Kellher? (sp?) Bethune? Anybody other than the top 50 that are in place. In three years nothing has changed there except some aircraft hulls, and pay cuts. Until you do something about revenue it is a...
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    Alpa Calls Emergency Meeting

    Flyboi, In that case, to ensure that the airlines survives, as of tomorrow call payroll and tell them to quit sending you your paycheck, but continue to work for free. In effect that is what your statement above says. Doesn't sound so good when you distill it down to it's basics does it?
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    Alpa Calls Emergency Meeting

    That is my point, it is not just this company! Every time we settle for a new industry low, it becomes the industry standard. What is your limit Flyboi? Because the company will not stop until they have found it. Are you willing to do your job for what a McDonalds fry chef makes? How...
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    Alpa Calls Emergency Meeting

    Not only at U. Whatever we do is being watched very carefully by the rest of the industry. If we let the express carriers fly 106 seaters for dirtbag wages, the rest of the industry will follow, or at least try. The same goes for all the rest. If IAM is expressed.......ALL IAM will be hit...
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    Alpa Calls Emergency Meeting

    Good. It is painfully obvious that the "bend over and take it" technique of the Give away gang is not working. Either make the airline a place you would actually want to work, or let it die so it doesn't pollute the rest of the profession. 106 seat jets at the express carrier...
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    Blocked Vote On Offer Angers Some

    Seems to me that the only one who agrees with you is Garland. I have yet to see any of the rank and file support your view of the situation. All I can find on the webboards and in person, is praise for their finally saying enough is enough. Granted that is a small sample of the total pilot...
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    Airline's (pit) Departure May Ripple Outward

    320 I have a couple of questions concerning a possible merger. 1 Why would UAL want to buy USAirways in its current condition? We offer them almost nothing except a huge debt load. 2 Why would UAL want to merge with a failing airline and have to merge its pilot group in with UAL pilots...
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    Doj Begins Investigation Of Ua

    Chip, You can't seriously believe that U has any intention of buying new airbii at the rate of 30 a year do you? Dave is either trying to get he and Bronner rich at our expense, or he is a complete idiot. I am not going to try and guess. Second, What moron would actually sell this crowd...
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    Leader Throws Carrot To Employees

    Boy you folks are gullible. 60 planes on mainline you say. In Dave speak, he just told you MDA is gearing up. Nothing new here. Remember that ALL MDA aircraft are going to fly on USAirways certificate....So in Daves mind that means 60 new aircraft to the mainline fleet. AND YOU ALL...
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    Rj's On The Mainline

    This issue did come up during 2000. Company wanted 140 RJ's. W&G "threatened" that they would put the RJ's on mainline unless the pilots allowed them at the contract carriers. Our collective feeling was no problem. We will gladly fly them......As I understand it W&G quickly withdrew...