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    Flt 1549

    Gee, I never knew Bill O'Reilly had his FAA Maintenance certifications. Why? Because he doesn't, which makes his responsible reporting commentaries IRRELEVANT <_< . What a pot stirring loser. He should go over to the Rush Limbugh Show :lol:
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    "US Airways flight attendants spoke up - and face trial"

    My one question is this. Why was the crew so reluctant to have their aircraft de-iced? Two trucks can shoot the wings clean in about 5 minutes (been there and done that personally). That is a very small period of time to spend on the pad to ensure the airworthiness of the aircraft. Perhaps the...
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    I sure would like to hear from all the fools that always argued that there is nothing to worry about (safety) with most 3rd party mtc providers. <_< What say you now???????????????? :lol:
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    NMB: Delta did not interfere with union vote

    Holy Crap.......... Its Wal-Mart with wings :down: You anti-unionites better buckle down for some unpleasant surprises in the near future. Anytime there is a merger its the employees that get hosed. And you don't even have a voice (Union representation) to speak in your behalf? Does it not...
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    LGA mechanics get jobs back

    weAAsles, My post was not aimed at individuals such as yourself. I do appreciate your support and I would return the favor. My post was aimed at the likes of those mentioned below. I cannot tell you all the times I was talked down to by flight crew members and even gate agents! These instances...
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    LGA mechanics get jobs back

    Gee, let's see, Forcing your body to stay awake when it is programmed to can that be detrimental to one's health <_< ???? When you work the Line and all your work is done, you usually would help your coworkers if they had a heavy workload. If that was not the case...
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    Unions dig in for Delta fight

    Southwind, Are you for real??? A Union cannot prevent a furlough but it sure as heck can make sure the layoffs go in seniority order. No Union would mean that a company could get rid of whom ever they wanted to, in any order that they wanted to. Get it? So if you are close to retirement age and...
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    Companies That Care

    If you ask me, all these surveys are intended to do is to take a tally of all the (company- loyal push-overs) so they know what they have to work with when the Unions come calling. They could care less about the employees!! Anyone that has some time in this business should already know this. You...
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    Unions dig in for Delta fight

    This is for the Delta folks that don't understand the significance of Unions in the industry. Do you think for one minute, that Delta would voluntarily pay you the wages you have enjoyed over the years if there were no Unions in the airlines? Think about that for a minute. Look at WalMart as an...
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    Nicknames from Maintenance ( multiple airlines / stations over 20 years). Chin-Ho, King Loser, Cheesecake, Clark Kent, Taco, Smubba, Bildo, The Wiz, Adam-12, Earth-Pig, Budman, Sarge, Scuba, Oil Cap, The Blue Monkey, Piglet, Slim, The Tick, Boomhauer, Biggin, ####-Biscuit, Meat-Stick, The...
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    WN decision will not slow down Aeroman

    Lineguy43, You are absolutely right about MAE. I just didn't want to drag them into the AEROMAN thread. But since you mentioned it, MAE has over 1600 employees and only about 550 are certificated. U-S was sending planes there and probably still does. The first plane thru there had repeated flap...
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    Southwest Tried to Hide Safety Problems

    For those "landing gear" issues, it is actually the anti-skid lines that they are looking at, as a MECHANIC crossed the connections not allowing the Autobrakes to function as designed when needed on the short runway at JAC and 22R at ORD. The MED setting of the A/B allows for instantaneous...
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    WN decision will not slow down Aeroman

    "We haven't seen any slowdown of future clients into El Salvador. They have to reduce costs and (with Aeroman) they're not reducing quality with the cost," he said. While ACTS won't disclose salaries, news media reports have said an entry-level mechanic at Aeroman earns about $4,500 a year[/i]...
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    Southwest Tried to Hide Safety Problems

    txgunnr, Not to worry. The flying public has a very short memory :huh: . Your planes should be full again real soon regardless of the bad press.
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    Seat Malfunctions in Envoy?

    Let's go back in time the "Business Select" days under Seth Schofield. The seats were convertable from three seats to two. Talk about junk! They gave the Stews such fits that I really think they were the ones that actually tore them up! And I don't blame them a...
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    Southwest Tried to Hide Safety Problems

    SWFLYER, The planes were safe? Let's talk about the birds with the skin cracks. All 737's have suspect areas that over time, do develop cracks. I am speaking from experience. Last time I checked, planes that had fuselage cracks in the skin were candidates for skin failure which could lead to...
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    Inadequate maintenance work by a third-party contractor

    And this surprises you? The company used to have it's own landing gear shop. But instead of expanding it to handle the other gear types they chose to outsource it. Think of all the money they saved :down: Just keep telling yourself that 3rd party MTC providers are completely safe!!. Idiots...
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    Southwest Tried to Hide Safety Problems

    I wouldn't stop at the FSDO / Regional offices. To get to the real source of the problems, look no further than Washington DC. They seem to think non aviation officials are doing just fine running the place. They are too stupid to understand how the airlines really operate regarding maintenance...
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    How Hard Is It?

    Jenny, This sometimes will cure a recline issue (like a slowly reclining seat). Push and hold the recline button in. While doing this, exercise the seat back, back and forth (full travel) about 5 times in rapid succession. Then check if the seat remains upright. If not, then the hydrolok is...
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    Northwest Airlines' Post Strike Maintenance

    It's a shame things never change. I left U-S Airways almost 3 years ago after 17 yrs in MTC. Everything was headed in the wrong direction. Outsource this, outsource that, etc. They wanted everything on the cheap and probably still do. Unfortunately it takes loss of life for something to get...