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    Goodbye to my US Airways friends

    Since leaving US Airways through the voluntary furlough program (flight attendant) I have always felt a strong sense of loyalty to the airline. I have friends (and a partner) who still work there, so when I joined my new company and began traveling extensively, I always steered myself towards...
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    DCA Crashpads

    Anybody have any info on DCA crashpads? Will most like be coming back to DCA and looking for a RSV crashpad. Please pm me and let me know if you have any specifics?
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    News on FA Recall?

    Thanks for the "welcome back". I'm about 80% sure that I'm going to go ahead and take the plunge and come back. I've been the corporate world since I left in 2002. While the pay has been great, the daily drama is as bad or as worse than it appears to be at USAirways! I'll actually be in DCA...
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    News on FA Recall?

    My seniority is only back to August '99. This was the original notification letter, stating a return to work packet would be coming in the next few days. The only timeframe it gave was "May". No specifics.
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    News on FA Recall?

    Well . . . the letters are out! I just got my official recall from my voluntary furlough. I hope the extended leave would never end, but . . . .
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    New Philadelphia Base Director

    He and Steve Kingsley are tight - have been very very close for a long long time
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    Kirby's faux pas

    Yes . . . but he's so cute! I wouldn't knock him out of bed for eating cookies!
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    Who will be the next Director of PHL Inflight

    Sunny made the decision not to pursue the position at Sibley - and as of a couple of weeks ago, she was still available. I know SK thinks highly of her - so, you never know!
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    Major Announcement

    Who would have ever thought that we might have wanted Stephen Wolf back? I'd vote for him! While he wasn't the most personable guy (we've all seen what personable guys have done for us, right?) he did have a vision for a top notch airline - and had the ability to pull it off (if even for a...
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    Baggage Help

    Can anybody help me out with a stateside telephone number for baggage services? I'm having major issues with a claim - and everytime I call the published number, I end up speaking with a rep in India that isn't empowered to do anything. Written correspondence sent to Chicago resulted in...
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    US Airways Appoints Chief Operating Officer

    And another of his bright moments . . . promoting Sherry Shamblin! That enough is reason for "retirement"
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    Like somebody else mentioned - I'm surprised people really care all that much - what's the point? I'm also finding it hard to understand what the big deal is about flip-flops. I left the airline several years ago, but still fly on a regular basis for my new corporate job. Flip flops have...
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    I wish Scott would gaggle in my galley! He's a cutie!
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    Could US have any interest in Midwest?

    I'm curious - which airline were you referring to as being ruined? Neither America West OR US Airways had a whole lot going for them!
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    US 22 PHX-HNL diverts to ITO

    SERIOUSLY? You are kidding about being "lucky" right? Yes, we'd all love to fly with the most experienced pilots in the world, but it sounds like these folks did what they should have and got the bird on the ground safely. I highly doubt that either of them personally did any maintenance on...
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    Do UAL codeshare flights display on

    I'm in the process of booking some corporate travel from SDF - SAT. When I use our corporate site, a the option to book on US Airways - likely through a codeshare with UAL displays (a stop in ORD) - and prices at $336.00. But . . . I thought I'd compare the price on
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    US Airways Long Haul Catering

    And how about a few other America West managers, too! I vote Brian McMurray off the island - anybody else up for eviction? Oh dear God, please tell me you ARE kidding, right? Sure, she's approachable . . . she LOVES getting to know you, ie, her next victim! Everytime there is a meltdown in...
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    Republic orders additional 13 ERJ-175

    Oh geez - that's the answer to Republic's current operational problems! Sounds like true US Airways managment "We don't have enough crews to staff the flights/airplanes we have. Whatever should we do? . . . That's it! We'll order MORE airplanes!"
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    Code share fare madness!

    I see the same thing all the time when booking corporate travel. But . . . what's even more odd is that sometime I will see a US Airways operated flight that is priced LOWER if booked on United - what gives?