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  1. mrfish3726

    ABC's Path to 9/11

    THX Bagstacker, UAL was the most F&*k'D up company anyone could have worked for. I was glad to have quit and cut my loses with such a losing team. I hope that ALL of you at AA, no matter what union you work for or what your beefs with managemant are! That you will ALL realize that AA is and will...
  2. mrfish3726

    Line Maintenance Not Enthusiastic!

    Ditto Ken, But you have to admit, no matter what union you support AA has laid of less maintenance personal than UAL, DA, CA, NWA, Alaska, ECT. I don't cut down AA or AA maintenace, you and management need to continue to work together to see that Tulsa, Alliance, MCI, and others prevail. You...
  3. mrfish3726

    Line Maintenance Not Enthusiastic!

    The Steve Grambrel that I worked with at Dalfort definitely wasn't an airline management "suckass" like the "FISH". So,I would agree with your assessment,AMFAMAN. P.K. you don't even know me, Steve does and knows what you post here isn't true at all. And Again on F9's demise We'll be debating...
  4. mrfish3726

    Looks Like Turbo Props are Coming Back!

    NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN P.K. We have heard that SWA has some pretty dismal load factors out of DIA. And they certainly have'nt been talking of ANY new expansion at DIA. Imagine P.K. the revenue that F9 is going to generate on routes within 600 miles of DIA. This is not going to help SWA in...
  5. mrfish3726

    Line Maintenance Not Enthusiastic!

    You mechanics at AA should do EVERYTHING in your power to make this work for YOU and AA. Lets see, it's 5 years after 9-11 and AA IS THE ONLY EMPLOYER who didn't slaughter the maintenance ranks by the thousands. What the F&^k are you guys whining about? When all the other majors hacked off...
  6. mrfish3726

    Comair Crash

    I see that the crash was at the departure end of the short runway... And from the airport diagram you can see how just maybe a mistake could have been made. HMMM, what the F&%$ are those big numbers you drive over on the end of the runway FOR DUHHHH??? Maybe the FAA should NOW require pilots to...
  7. mrfish3726

    ABC's Path to 9/11

    AHHH 9-11 5 years after the fact! I went on the 9-11 ride today (9/10/06)which takes place here in DENVER each year and was totally amazed just how little participation there was from AA and UAL employess. Most folks attending were local riders and Frontier employees, not to mention that there...
  8. mrfish3726

    Looks Like Turbo Props are Coming Back!

    WHERE IS THAT PRINCESS K (AKA A.A.)??? HMMMMM, your prediction was the demise of F9! Yeah right, look who is laughing now PAL! Lets see whats transpired in my abcense??? 1. Frontier is still growing the fleet, 5 new A319's in 2006. 2. Frontier adds service to MEX & CAN, considers...
  9. mrfish3726

    Question re Frontier charter for U of Wyoming football team

    First off for those of you who missed me, I'M BACK. Phllax, Charters are just what they are! The folks who charter the flight pay for all the services and anything above and beyond (If fuel cost $5.00 a gallon they have to pay that cost :up: ect ect). If you watched your flight trax program...
  10. mrfish3726

    Profit or Loss

    767jetz, Only thing I see is UniTED entering BK a time or two again like CO! Threes a charm, maybe they will finally get it right like CO did! I'll bet $50 bucks that UAL doesn't turn not 1 profit in 2006?????
  11. mrfish3726

    F9 Deal with Airbus through 2011

    Princess, We got a NEW plane the other day! And we'll have 5 more by the end of 2006 :up:
  12. mrfish3726

    Two New Hangars for TULE

    Tulsa Oklahoma should remember what United did to Indianapolis! At least AA hasn't totally trashed the mechanic community there, you should all be thankful for that. So maybe it will be a good thing for AA and OK. But what the hell do I know, since Princess K. the Nostradamus of US Aviation...
  13. mrfish3726

    F9 Deal with Airbus through 2011 :up:
  14. mrfish3726

    Ted discovers success

    767 No one here cares what you believe anyway. You are an insignificant spec in the grand airline universe. HMM wonder why you say that? Because you hate me? I don't give a ####! UniTED suxs, it will always suc and we'll ALL be watching those profits rolling in "YEAH RIGHT"! Time will tell...
  15. mrfish3726

    Frontier Airlines Reports Fiscal Third Quarter 2006 Results

    Hell JIM I work in maintenance in a position to make sure that F9's aircraft are running up to snuff everyday. I think that with the announcement of a new holding company may make a few operational opportunities for me :D maybe a move to a new city like MCI or even CAK. With this new holding...
  16. mrfish3726

    Frontier To Star In Reality Show

    Astrolounge says, "Think what You may but as far as myself (and I can also speak for family, friends & coworkers) I WOULD buy on ticket to fly on FRONTIER, not on swa. Hopefully the people of Denver realize a gem of a Company they have in FRONTIER and shun that Texas cattlecar operator." Thanks...
  17. mrfish3726

    Ted discovers success

    Show the yeild???? How hard it that????
  18. mrfish3726

    Execs get their take from UAL

    Fly, Remember that UniTED lost 128M this last quarter and still has a debt to repay of 17B (Billion) after exit from BK. Good luck HUN, but I can see the same thing happening to UniTED that happened at USAIR. SAME/SAME BK II and then who will aquire UniTED????
  19. mrfish3726

    United Airlines To Unveil New Super Bowl Ad

    JungleClone says, "Fish, it's an effective marketing tool. The Super Bowl is probably one of the most-watched programs to air on TV. The ability for United to tap into such a large audience coinciding with Ch. 11 exit is a no-brainer. Whether you are willing to believe it or not, this type of...
  20. mrfish3726

    Execs get their take from UAL

    Fly, It will have to be someone smarter than Tilton, McDonald, or Brace to keep UniTED out of BK II! :shock: