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    Weight Restrictions out of TLV

    I tried non-revving out of Tel Aviv a few days ago and was denied boarding due to weight restrictions. The flight left with nine empty seats and no standby passengers on board. According to Airbus, the A330-200 has a range of approximately 7,000. Why the weight restrictions?
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    CO 777 Makes Emergency Landing at TLV

    Continental plane makes emergency landing at Ben-Gurion
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    AA 137 Makes Emergency Landing in Glasgow

    Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Glasgow
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    American Airlines Seeks Recall Of Laid-Off Workers

    Story Video
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    Nice Article in the Jerusalem Post

    Living the good life in Business/First
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    A False Sense of Insecurity?

    A False Sense of Insecurity? John Mueller holds the Woody Hayes Chair of National Security Studies at the Mershon Center at Ohio State University. His most recent book, The Remnants of War, has just been published by Cornell University Press. [Excerpt]
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    Joe Brancatelli - American Is Still the Nation's Least-Reliable Airline

    Joe Brancatelli is editor and publisher of, a website for business travelers. He is also the former executive editor of Frequent Flier magazine, travel advisor of Travel Holiday and contributing editor to Travel + Leisure. American Is Still the Nation's Least-Reliable Airline Ouch.
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    Great Customer Service - NOT

    Gordon Bethune, former Chairman and CEO, Continental Airlines: I always was under the impression that Continental prided itself on its superior customer service. My sister’s recent experience is as bad as can be. She was booked on a flight from LAX for Palau, by way of Honolulu and Guam, on...
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    Dear Vice President Garton

    Seen on another website:
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    $400,000 Award to Passenger Mistaken for a Terrorist

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    NPR: American Airlines 'Insources' Maintenance Work

    American Airlines 'Insources' Maintenance Work
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    Common Cause Binds American

    Nice article:
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    AA Pilot Arrested

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    Uli Derickson

    Trans World Airlines Flight 847 was hijacked on June 14, 1985. The Boeing 727, flying from Athens to Rome, was piloted by John Testrake. It departed on a Friday morning, June 14, 1985, carrying 153 crew and passengers. The purser, Uli Derickson was widely credited with calming the hijackers and...
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    A A Aircraft Undershoots Denver Runway

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    Good Bye M R T C

    American Announces Series of Steps to Increase Revenues and Reduce Costs
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    More Pilots Furloughs?

    Captain Jim Sovich, APA Boston Domicile Chairman, and Captain Gary Boettcher, APA Washington Domicile Chairman, warned of additional impending furloughs of American Airlines pilots. Captain Sovich wrote the following to the Boston domicile: Captain Boettcher sent the following comments to the...
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    Kirkpatrick will be going into the hospital this evening to have a brain tumor removed. His doctor is 99.99999% sure that it is benign and not something to be greatly concerned about. The tumor is located on the outside of the brain and is small. He will be in the hospital over the weekend...