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  1. BuffaloJoe

    Renumbering of Flights

    OK, Thanks for the info, it helps. 
  2. BuffaloJoe

    Renumbering of Flights

    Will AA ever have a central Flight numbering system for flights, ie: Europe flights a certain range, asia flights too? 
  3. BuffaloJoe

    AA defers A350 deliveries   Maybe a drawdown of PHL!
  4. BuffaloJoe


    Did something change with the A333 or are they going out weight restricted from ATH?  I know Turkish Airways flys the A333 JFK-IST, but they are the newer models. Why is AA now using the A333 on that route?
  5. BuffaloJoe

    Widebody Route Shuffling Begins in 2016

    There are 2 A330-200's out there from PHL-TLV unaccounted for. Where are they flying just domestic/Caribbean?
  6. BuffaloJoe

    Spirit to Start LAX-PHL daily non-stop - eff 4/14/16

    When will AA start mixing metal on routes other than hub to hub?
  7. BuffaloJoe

    Changing Seats

    How long does it take for an airline to change seats. To replace the seats with new ones.  
  8. BuffaloJoe

    TLV-PHL 332's

    I noticed on Flight Aware that the 332's on the TLV-PHL route take an extra 45-60 minutes to fly to the US. UA and LY's 777's are faster. Is this just US flying a slower speed for the range or are they simply slower?
  9. BuffaloJoe

    Shareholders 1 Customers distant 2

    I agree, but that is the way business runs today. Not happy with a $100 million profit, but want a $110 million. Greed is the way of doing business, then they can get their $50 million bonuses. Just hating the way American business is heading. No one gives a sh!t about each other. Just venting...
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    Shareholders 1 Customers distant 2

     Shares of JetBlue Airways shot up to a 7 1/2-year high Wednesday, after Cowen & Co. applauded an expected change in the air carrier’s strategy, in which it will start favoring shareholders over customers.     
  11. BuffaloJoe

    AA buys LHR slot for $31 million from Cyprus Airways

    Couldn't the slot be swapped with an existing slot, and that existing slot be used for the new flight? Say they have a 7am slot taken that can be used for a early west coast arrival. Then use that 7am for an east coast flight.
  12. BuffaloJoe

    American Airlines, CLT detail growth plans

    How long does it take to apply for a Tokyo (NRT) approval? From PHL?
  13. BuffaloJoe

    Possibility of new routes to the Middle East (i.e DXB) from CLT/DFW

    I actually flew on Republic on its 1st day. July 1, 1979 MSP-DEN. Hard to believe it was that long ago when Republic flew.
  14. BuffaloJoe

    Largest Merger

    Was the merger with US Airways American's largest merger or was it another, ie. TWA, etc.?
  15. BuffaloJoe

    Potential New Routes

    I didn't think so. So PHL-LHR should see 777-300's AA and BA metal I would presume, if not a couple BA 747's.
  16. BuffaloJoe

    Potential New Routes

    Can PHL handle a A380? Terminal wise?
  17. BuffaloJoe

    Potential New Routes

    What ever happened to the PHL-ANC flights? Were they restricted by weight often?
  18. BuffaloJoe

    Potential New Routes

    They had to let another airline compete on the PHL-LHR route thus giving up a slot. That still leaves 2 BA flights. Say BA swaps some slots for the AM flight from another route that they are sitting on. AA/BA are running hourly between JFK-LHR, but I not saying going to that extreme, just adding...
  19. BuffaloJoe

    Potential New Routes

    I know that AA/US are giving up a LHR-PHL slot, but will they increase the number of flights between PHL-LHR? Such as a AM departure EB.
  20. BuffaloJoe

    Sunday's rainstorm at PHL

    PHL had 8.02" of rain in a 7 hour span. I live 75 miles and we got less than a .25". I had a friend fly to DEN last night and I believe he got in 5 hours late.