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    Problems logging into HUB?

    Started yesterday, non rev system was down all day after logging in ok into HUB, and now today can't even log onto HUB at all. Help Desk says it's an HR problem, HR says its a Help Desk problem. HR rep said even she couldn't log onto her personal account. Anyone else having probs or been given...
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    Is THE HUB'S non rev listing site down?

    I tried Saturday while out of town on a family member's PC, I can get into the HUB ok, but just trying to sine in with employee number as per usual, the response was SYSTEM UNAVAIL. Tried just now on my own PC, says SYSTEM UNAVAIL......anyone else having similar probs..or could perhaps test it...
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    Cwa Early Outers Between 10/2-10/9 Have Not Received Their Payoffs~

    Dozens spoken to still show as ACTIVE STATUS, and no checks. What's the deal/recourse?? Is this the new kinder gentler USAIR now in control, or is it not? :shock:
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    Has Anyone Come Up With An Affectionate Slang..

    As in something analogous to CRYSTAL PALACE?? Or does one already exist within HP?? Howzabout "THE CACTUS PLANT"? or.."THE SANDBOX"? B)
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    So Who Was Telling The Truth Here?

    From: Door number 1>> ....The shutdown of the center is not without hard feelings. Local union official Chris Fox, who represents the customer-service employees in Green Tree, claims US Airways has been docking the pay of departing workers who spend too much time away from the...
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    Us Has A Free 50 Lb/piece Domestic Bag Allowance!

    Every day passengers are complaining that "they came down with the same full suitcase"( weighing 55/65/70), and were never charged or given a hassle about it. Are they lying or telling the truth?(Hint: Rarely see "heavy" tags attached to the luggage). Now when the few diligent and conscientous...
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    Is The Cwa Sick Policy Being Misconstrued----

    Between early JAN(eff. date new agreement) and 6/30 of 2005 if someone was sick for 3 days they were paid only 1/2 their normal complement of hours. After 3 days it was full pay. Eff 7/1/05 the policy revised to 1st 5 days are paid at 1/2 rate. So my question is: What was the purpose of...
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    Hmm,no Post About The Employee Bonus Plan Eff 7/1?

    Let the fun begin! Comments??? Performance Incentive Program In a special edition of US Airways Today, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer Jerry Glass issued a letter to all active employees announcing the “All Together. On Time.†Monthly Employee Incentive Program...
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    Is There Any Ato In The Us System That Has A Truly

    If so, please fess up and tell me/us how some semblance of a decent checking in process is accomplished cuz it ain't happening in my 'hood'. Seriously tho, I don't expect any one to say their station works efficently, but thought I'd try. Share your horror stories here if you like. :D The...
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    Early Out Policy And The New Merger News.

    For those that already have left, are you still comfortable with your decision to leave US ? For those that have not left but your sever date is upcoming, would you welcome the chance with "changed management" to rescind your decision, and/or should the company(s) offer the option for one to do...
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    On A Day Plagued With Weather Delays,like Friday, passengers who had to drive thru a raging t-storm to get to the airport still question with the look and speak of "befuddled duh-ism" why their flight is delayed. Sometimes it is so sad and embarassing to be the brethren of an American citizen...... :rolleyes: Counting the days til...
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    Can Anyone Verify That The Us Benefit Center..

    Thanks. Tried several different ways to access, including thru THE HUB, and IE responds PAGE CANT BE DISPLAYED..any idea how long it has been down? Not in the mood to wait 30 minutes or more for an HR agent...... Thank you!!
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    For Those That Worked Tkt Counter This Past Wknd>>

    Despite serious delays and misconnects most of SAT and Sunday combined with long lines, VTO inbound to work and outbound from work ( 1 to 2 hours) was offered to a couple of agents in our station on Sunday while DAT requests were declined due to
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    Silly Question?!?!?!

    Anyone have any idea how to remove duct tape residue from glass? The tape was left on too long and now a very thin film of the adhesive portion of the tape is sticking to the glass and is too thin for razor blade there some chemical like nail polish remover or turpentine that might...
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    Customer Svc Agt Vs. Customer Assist Rep..

    Reason I am curious is because there has been some discussion that employees on both sides may soon grieve or challenge the issue..Even though both groups are covered by CWA, some feel that it is not in their job description(vastly different payscales as well), and that if baggage is short, the...
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    Chaos At The Kiosks!

    I recently was offered an option to return from furlough as a CARS agent, and I said ..what the heck WHY NOT? Previously had 18 yrs invested before severance..Money not bad for the job performed, health bennies decent and affordable(for me), closer to my home than past job, gives me a chance to...
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    What's Going On With You Guys?

    Just thumbing thru the investments news(life after US), and came across this tidbit..did they ever replace/fire the VP of CUST SVC or RES ? American Airlines Achieves Highest In Customer Care Quality In VocaLabs SectorPulse Airline Report EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn., Apr 19, 2004 (BUSINESS WIRE) --...
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    How Is North C Dealing With The Heavy Snowstorm?

    ...From an airport ops, and Ato and Winston Res staffing perspective? Heard it is/was pretty bad, almost historic, in much of the state, especially Charlotte. Incredible for late FEB..are folks actually making it in to work? :o
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    Speaking Of Frivilous Topics,where's My W-2 Form?

    Curious if the bi weeklies got their W2's this week or last, or not at all? Or have any other severed -n -ecstatics not received theirs in the mail yet? Gotta do the taxes and claim my severance, ya know? ;)