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    737 MAX LEAP X Engine missing performance targets.
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    Fuel Hedging

    I know Doug was burned on fuel hedging and since sworn it off, but has anyone in management considered pitching to him hedging here at $60, since AAL is flush with cash?   It appears the Fed is determined to devalue the dollar and that will result in rising oil prices.  Oil is skyrocketing in...
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    A MLH 777 shot down over Ukraine/Russian border

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    Anyone think of USAir 427?
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    Oil spikes past $110

    Oil spiked past $110 per barrel today on its way to test $147. Where is all of the outrage in the press and on these boards? It will cause a double dip.
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    Oil Rising Rapidly

    It is scary and interesting that oil is sailing through $80 (overnight) per barrel and no-one seems to care or notice. Is it because Bush and Cheney, the "oil guys", are not around anymore to blame? The fact is oil is screaming up because we are devalueing our currency, and oil is traded in...
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    Someone thinks LCC is going higher

    I found this article interesting: Someone knows or suspects something.... but what? They are betting that the LCC stock price is going up.
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    Airline Fuel Hedging Positions Here we go again...
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    Attention All E-190 F/Os Get a 20-30% pay raise as a meter reader and all of the exercise you need! Or: Dental Hygienists Not all dental hygienists' earnings skyrocket into the six figures -- but there are enough that do, making this a surprisingly rich...
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    Oil Discussion/Speculation

    Daily world oil production is 85,000,000 barrels per day. Daily world oil consumption is 87,500,000 barrels per day and climbing. Do the math. YVINTERN: Shall we pass an expost facto law making speculating illegal, then throw the speculators into some dark, damp dungeon? By the way, LCC...
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    A Tale of Two Careers

    Today Stan O'Neal announced he would "retire" after 21 years service at Merrill Lynch. He will leave with a severance package reported to be worth over $100-200 million including stock options and salary. What did Stan do? He ran Merrill as CEO for 5 years, chasing higher and ever higher...
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    Oil closes above $81.52 per barrel

    Did anyone notice that oil closed at a record high of $81.52 per barrel today and is above $82 in after hours trading? The US dollar is in free fall and the Fed just cut the Prime rate .50 basis points in a drastic move to stave off the coming recession. This rate cut is further undermining...
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    Bus Peolple Airways

    I have about had it discussing the arbitration will be settled in court before it is all said and I thought I would bring up the subject of our pax. I was commenting the other day on how some of the ultra-lccs(SkyBus) pax wear, not just "wife beater" shirts, but dirty...
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    Get ready for your 4% paycut 12/31/06!

    Inflation has taken a 19% bite out of your buying power since 2000. This year you lost another 4%. When is enough going to be enough? Even at 2000 pay rates you would make 19% less today. Management knows this, that is why they do not focus on salary but rather stock options and bonuses...
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    "We keep you alive to serve this ship!"

    I wanted to start a new thread discussing what I think describes why LCC management does the things it does: 1.We exist to serivce the debt. 2.If we service the debt on time the stock price goes up and management gets to cash in their opitions. Don't worry about the long range prospects of...
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    A Horrible EIA Oil Inventory Report

    :o The weekly EIA report is just out and it is very bad. Distillate inventories were down an unexpected 2.8 million barrels...ouch. Gasoline inventories were down double the expected rate. Look for jet fuel to sky rocket. Gasoline will continue to rise at its moderate pace...double dog ouch...
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    Virgin America to file Today 1/19/06

    0801: CNBC reports Virgin America will file its paperwork to begin flying NYC - SFO today. It was unclear as to the airport, however, this is the first flight segment. It appears there is another threat to LCC on the horizon. This appears to be a huge threat to JetBlue as well.
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    The Walmartization Of America

    The subject of "The Walmartization" of America often comes up on these threads. Here is a link to a recent poll concerning shopping experiences:
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    suggestions on light twins

    I am looking to purchase a light twin to commute back and forth between CRW and GSO(Charleston, WV and Greensboro, NC). Does anyone have a suggestion? I am ATP rated with over 11,000 hours total time; however, I have no general aviation experience. I would like a machine that is...