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    Don Robinson CSA

    Just wanted to let anyone here who knew him that Don Robinson passed away today from cancer. He started with PSA in SJC back in 1987 and moved to TPA abt 1990 where he worked until just recently. He also followed this board as a lurker and knew everything going on here. :). He will be missed by...
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    USAirways to let military board first

    Link to Article
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    2 days this month so far with 100% completion

    Mainline Posts Second 100% Completion Factor in Less than a Week! US Airways mainline posted a 100% completion factor (CF) yesterday for the second time in less than a week – a 100% CF was achieved last Tuesday, Oct. 11. This means that we had no cancellations and operated each and every one of...
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    PHL Dayroom

    First off, sorry to the mods for posting this here. I tried the Destination page, but got no takers. I will be in PHL for a conx of 8 hours coming up and was wondering if anyone knows if the Marriott in the airport offers day rooms? If so, what was the last amount you paid for it and did they...
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    Philadelphia Airport Marriott

    Going to be connecting in PHL in May and was wondering if the Marriott in the airport does day rooms? Can you reserve in advance if you call or is it day of if open? Check out time requirements? We're getting in around noon and leaving at 840pm. Thanks for info.
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    Manila to be gone by Oct.

    Article Calls to be back on US soil by Oct. At least that should be one less issue we have to deal with at the ATO.
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    Wicked weather to hit Southeast

    Article Supposed to get some snow/rain mix in CLT on Sat., but hopefully it wont be a full scale mess like a week or so ago. DL is planning for a full scale storm in ATL and has already canceled a ton of flights tomorrow. No cancellations yet from US, and hopefully the storm will pass off the...
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    Best PreThanksgiving Wed. I've Had in Last 25 Years

    Knew everything was almost full today and weather looked good so should be busy and smooth as long as no maintenance popped up. No maint, no delays, no lines. This was the smoothest pre Thanksgiving Wednesday I've had in my 25 years at US. We had about 60-80 people web checkin per flight and it...
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    US Airways profit projected to soar

    Article First article I've seen on the 3rd Q stats. Hopefully its true!
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    St Kitts and Nevis interested in Open Skies agreement with US

    Article Not sure there is a lot more traffic between the two countries to find, but I guess Open Skies would at least make it tempting for someone new to try without having to deal with govt red tape?
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    $100 for June On time and Complaints

    Article Congrats guys on a job well done!
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    US Airways Sued in PHL

    Article They say the airline at Philadelphia International Airport assigned black workers to smaller terminals or flights with more black passengers. Seriously? Can someone tell me where that list is in QIK? And assigned to "smaller terminals". Is that A/B/C or F? Either the paper is...
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    Mr. Kiosk, You are wanted in the Managers Office

    Seems like the kiosks had an issue systemwide today where they were not charging for bags (for several hours!). Not sure exactly what happened, but the frantic manager call (of course after another manager had already been notified by the agents that something was up) indicated that it was a...
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    More Crew Cancellations This Weekend

    Saw a memo posted at work that they are precancelling about 40 flights this coming Fri/Sat/Sun due to continuing crew issues. Flights in my station were already full before this happened. Some of the rerouted customers are now having to wait up to 12 hours to get out of town since all of our...
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    Mesa Contract with UA not renewed

    Article It didnt mention it in the article, but I was curious where the Mesa planes are.. IAD/DEN/ORD/LAX/SFO? Just curious where the drawdown would occur.
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    Adjusting Schedule

    Article Saw that PIT will lose two flights to MDW soon. Anyone know what other routes are being adjusted systemwide?
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    New Website Online

    Was checking out a flight today and noticed that I was no longer given an option to go to the Beta site or the old US site, just the Beta site. Hopefully the testing on it went well and its here to stay without any major issues. It looks fairly clean and easy to use. Would be interested in...
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    Interesting Article on "The Name List"

    Article What I find interesting in these types of articles is that they never mention the Smiths, Johnsons, Garcias, Kims, Orourkes, Kennedys, or hundreds/thousands of other "non Islamic" names that get the same treatment. Hopefully the airlines will get their act together asap and get their...
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    Sad News from CLT

    Story Thoughts and prayers are with the CLT agents again. Sad to hear.
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    Got a call today that notice went out that we are furloughing in TPA. Not sure if its a local thing or if there will be furloughs elsewhere. We were told 6 part time (still on probation gone for good probably) and 3 full timers. Also fleet advised, but I wasnt given numbers for them. We are...