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    Lcc's What A Bunch Of Bull....

    Since ALB, BUF, and ROC all have some kind of LCC offerings, a better comparison to CLT-BUF would be CLT-SYR... which only has jetBlue... and since jetBlue does not fly to CLT, there is now LCC competition on the city-pair. US Airways lowest roundtrip fare leaving in the next three days is $880...
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    Usairways Sells Erj-70's And Slots To Republic

    A few comments: First: ... This seems interesting to me. Republic Holdings recently "acquired" Shuttle America from Wexford in order to move the UAL E170 operation off of the Chautauqua certificate, and end penalties being paid to AMR for scope issues. Acquired is in quotes because both...
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    Recent Odds & Ends From The Bts*

    Ahh yes, I recall now... From their Q105:
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    Airlines See Uplifting Sign

    Spin, Spin, Spin. 1. A risk of defaulting on what? Certainly not the ATSB loan covenants. As of 1Q05, the company reported over $250mil of unrestricted cash, and the ATSB-backed loan requires that they have $100mil unrestricted cash. 2. AWA said they expect to build cash in the current...
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    Recent Odds & Ends From The Bts*

    NOt to mention its remains to be seen if it can be sustained...
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    Recent Odds & Ends From The Bts*

    Interesting indeed. You did not mention that HP was #2 in margin, ahead (slightly) of Southwest. HP's RASM inprovement was very good as well... Over 2 cents.
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    A couple of points: 1. While a "failing firm" argument could be made, I believe the concentration of too much power into one firm would still be troubling... Particularly in the WAS area (even with FLYI in existence) and in the Pacific Time Zone. 2. Its an unfair characterization to say the...
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    Ok, so I am supposed to believe that the DOJ would allow an HP-US-UA merger? One which would create a system with the following hubs/focus cities: West: LAX/SFO/PHX/LAS/DEN Central: ORD East: PHL/CLT/BOS/LGA/DCA/IAD If I am counting right, that's 12 hubs/focus cities. DOJ will never allow...
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    Wn Ceo Says It "won't Compete With The Bid

    Southwest is clearly preparing some kind of bid, and they are clearly sending out "feelers" to HP, US, and/or the BK judge to see if they can work something out, or if they need to approach it as a more hostile situaiton. Thats my opinion.
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    Mda To Republic

    Sounds like a perfectly rational legal situation. ALPA is supposed to represent MDA pilot's best interests. And yet, ALPA is in the process (and has been) of selling MDA pilots down the river. If ALPA is the MDA pilots 'only' source of help, and in fact will not help them, why should they pay...
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    Parker Comments @ Investment Conference

    You may be right, that labor cuts may not be complete... But that is not included in the numbers Parker has given. In fact, Parker, to my recollection, has made no mention of furloughs at all (either they will or they won't occur)... The only mention of labor is the joint statement he made...
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    Southwest Mulling Bid

    True, but... 1. This was voluntary, i.e not in BK... in fact it was prior to BK. 2. This was to appease DOJ Anti-trust issues This comparison is apples and oranges.
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    Parker Comments @ Investment Conference

    Parker has addressed this question several times, including in yesterday's conference call. He has said the 'synergies' come from the following: ~ Consolodated facilities - airport and non-airport ~ Reduction of unprofitable flying at both HP and US (remember 60 less mainline aircraft, and I...
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    Hawaii Service

    Why would they add FC seats (and presumably remove coach seats)? How many people purchase FC?
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    Alaska To Make Bid For Hp

    Hehe... Thanks for the slack guys... obviously I went with $40 being 2/3's of $60... but going the other way, well that would be a 50% premium. Of course, my recollection is fuzzy on the exact trading price of U at the time. I do remember it shot up immediately on the announcement, though.
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    Alaska To Make Bid For Hp

    For some reason I thought UAL offered $60 for U...
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    Alaska To Make Bid For Hp

    Fair enough Boeing Boy... If the article had contained any "new" news, I might agree... But the article was virtually the same, despite the fact that AWA shares jumped from $5.50 to $6.50 since the initial report... If there was something new to say, I would have expected ALK to offer more...
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    Time To Straighten Up And Fly Right

    I added the bolding... PITBull appears to be talking about more than airlines. But, PITBull might be right.
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    Us Airways Reports May Traffic

    Ok kids... let's define a few things here: ASM - Available seat mile. If I have a 10 seat airplane and I fly it 10 miles, then I have generated 100 ASM's. RPM - Revenue Passenger Miles - If I sold 5 seats on the flight mentioned above, then I carried 5 passengers 10 miles, or 50 RPM's...
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    Song Flight Numbers

    SVQLBA: I think you are right. I would also add that we are more likely to see hexi-decimal or alpha numberic before we see 5 digit numbers... I suspect the cost of changing old CRS systems would be very expensive. Perhaps the alliances will find a way to end the code-sharing part and have...