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    Oil Prices $65 A Barrel.

    ARTICLE Aren't we glad we took substantial pay cuts, as vanguards of the "new economy". See the thread, Executive Contracts. Unions, it's time to stop being irrelevant, and lead!
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    Growth Opportunities In Airline Maintenance

    Mercer Study Reveals Growth Opportunities in Airline Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul "The worldwide commercial aircraft MRO market is reportedly estimated at around $37 billion annually, with as much as half of all U.S. carriers' MRO work now performed by outside vendors here and overseas. "...
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    Crude Oil Prices Going Up

    U.S. crude was down 23 cents at $42.30 a barrel on Friday. Soooooooo...... OPEC Agrees Oil Supply Crackdown From the article: So don't tell me, let me guess. The highly paid "talent" in CCY continues to claim that they have no idea on whether the price of fuel will rise, or not, in the future.
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    Customer Service Replacements

    In the Charlotte Training Center this week, approximately forty new hires are being trained to be Customer Service Agents. When questioned, they say that they were told that; "with so many Customer Service Agents leaving the company, you're here to fill the vacancies." When asked about union...
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    Muliti-party Ballot

    Many State have more than two Candidates running for the office of President. Since I don't believe in the "two Party only" system, here's the choices from the ballot in South Carolina.
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    Us Airways, Timetable For Failure

    Since the other poll about US Airways emerging from bankruptcy isn't getting many votes (I didn't). Let's try the other direction.
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    Dayton Rumor

    The news in Charlotte said something about Dayton closing. Whats's up?
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    US AIRWAYS ROLLED BACK THE CONTINENTAL LED FARE HIKE, AND THE OTHER AIRLINES HAD TO FOLLOW SUIT. If I ever hear management claim, ever agian, that they can't charge higher fares because we wouldn't be competitive, I'm going to shove this event up their a##. I could just scream. They want to...
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    Do We Have What It Takes?

    With two rounds of reducing labor compensation, and the changes in work rules already in place (though not necessarily implemented), do you believe that if we aggressively charged into the market place, that we would have a competitive, cost effective product?
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    The Question Being Asked.

    Good question! We all have several options. I am really tempted to go back to school. It's become obvious that Law and Banking aren't being farmed out to third world workers. Actually I would really, really like to start breeding horses. There is no more honest a companion than a horse! On...
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    $1 Million Per Overhaul

    ST Engineering Ltd is charging US Airways 1 million dollars per Airbus overhaul. How can they do this? ST Engineering (STE) is 55 percent-owned by the Singapore GOVERNMENT!!! Read the Rueters article for yourselves. Airbus isn't...
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    News From The Iam Web Site

    Monday Oct. 6th. The Machinists Union today took the first step of a legal process by filing a motion for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania. The IAM has taken this action to prevent US Airways from subcontracting your jobs...
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    Now Here''s an Employee Group With Guts!

    AA Flight Attendants to Redo Concessions Vote A flight attendants' union said it was rescinding its approval of $10 billion in wage cuts and other concessions to American Airlines over six years, striking a serious blow to a plan that the company said it needed to avoid bankruptcy. Enraged by...
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    United Mechanics Reject Concessions by 57%

    Cut and pasted from the United section of the IAM 141M web site. ------------------------------------------- Ramp & Stores, Food Service and Security Guards ratified their agreements with 63.4 percent of voters approving the accords. The Public Contact Employee (PCE) group also accepted their...
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    The Company''s new IAM concession wish list.

    Cut and pasted from US Airways section. --------------------------------------------- US Airways’ management notified the employee representatives that an additional $200 million in annual cost reductions from changes in work rules and benefits are needed to help the bankrupt...
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    Thursday''s Rumors?

    Cool. One rumor staked in the heart. Next....
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    Why a NO vote is good for US Airways.

    With all of this negativity I thought I would put a positive spin on this situation. Let''s look at a couple of points that would be advantages for the company if a no vote causes the judge to abrogate the Mechanics and Related contract. 1) Big money hates Unions. Having a large integral part of...
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    Attn. Membership of D.L. 141-M

    Copied and pasted from the website. 9/6/2002 To the Membership of District Lodge 141-M Employed at US Airways, IAM representatives and advisors met at the request of US Airways today at the carrier’s headquarters in Arlington, VA. US Airways acknowledges that perhaps some...