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  1. BigMac

    JCBA Negotiations and updates for AA AMTS

    Also there are different title 1 groups... AMTs, Welders, Platers, Machinists and Cleaners. Some in title 1 have different pay scales. Title 2 is a whole different entity and have a different pay scale. Then comes your A&P license premium for title 1 mechanics and skill premiums for title 1...
  2. BigMac

    JCBA Negotiations and updates for AA AMTS

    I believe if a title 1 AMT goes to title 2. He loses day for day title 1 seniority but maintains his/her company seniority.
  3. BigMac

    Where are they now?

    What happened to Goose?
  4. BigMac

    TWU presidential endorsement "your thoughts"

    I believe the first term Obama ran for office they kept changing their endorsement 3-4 times as they were knocked of the running. Then finally Obama was the last Democrat they endorsed him. Just curious what he has done for airlines?
  5. BigMac

    JCBA Negotiations and updates for AA AMTS

    Could we have that in writing and signed via PDF file ?? ;)
  6. BigMac

    JCBA Negotiations and updates for AA AMTS

    Tulsa currently has 11 different shifts.
  7. BigMac

    American to focus on employees and product
  8. BigMac

    profit Sharing?

    Now back to 2017 profit sharing.... My personal opinion is it would have meant more for the "team" if there had been a 2016 PS. Hell, I'll take what I can get but why not a 2016 PS? Could it be because multi millions in management bonuses were on this year's agenda? Or favoring in that inside...
  9. BigMac

    Virgin America for sale

    Sweet! Free AA/TWA/Virgin hats.
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    Milestone anniversaries

    Took the words right out of my mouth (at least the first paragraph). I've seen the pins on EBay for many years now.
  11. BigMac

    767's & MD80's
  12. BigMac

    2015 AMT Discussion

    I don't like to see anyone fired. I'm not going to discuss over social media the reason he was fired. Under the same circumstances the same outcome would have happened at TAESL, true? I agree 100% on the new US Air management here in Tulsa. To put it nicely we would have done better with McDs...
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    2015 AMT Discussion

  14. BigMac

    100% of Friday CLT Flights Have Been CNX'd

    And the forum god has spoken..pfffft. As far as I'm concerned Sully is from Charlotte and stuck in Tulsa (as stated in my post). Thanks for playing forum police though. Wouldn't wan't to go off topic. Now you can post the same in every topic on these boards.
  15. BigMac

    100% of Friday CLT Flights Have Been CNX'd

    Great...that means Tule is stuck with Sully for awhile. Not a very good people person ..same as his sidekick J. Johnson. Both arguing to keep the breakrooms overstuffed as many work groups and Hgr 3/4 shifts to fit in a break room that only holds half the crew during breaks. They have 4 break...
  16. BigMac

    Hangar 3 Sign ?

    They're renovating the interior of Hangar 3 for the 737s. Haven't noticed the American Airlines lettering gone.
  17. BigMac

    2015 AMT Discussion

    One thing I noticed between 3&4 vs 5&6. On 5&6 anytime before hydraulics were activated, apu running, pressure check, flight control movements etc.. The crew would announce it twice via PA, spotters around the A/C and one spotter with a bullhorn repeating actions repeated from the PA. In 3&4...
  18. BigMac

    TAESL closing January 31

    Ballpark on your seniority please? Thnx
  19. BigMac

    2015 AMT Discussion

    Touche Rogallo..good on ya
  20. BigMac

    2015 AMT Discussion were cold. Boohoo you were hot. Back in the day I washed AC in negative 20 degrees and 50mph winds..sometimes scrubbing the top (on 3 wheels in a JLG. Our weight plus the 4 four inch and 2 2.inch hoses which exceeded way over 500lbs..hence only 3 wheels of 4 on the ground) of the...