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    US IAM mech. topic

    Well, after five years of layoff, I'm thinking about coming back to US Airways. Everything I get in the mail from the company has to to with corporate financial stuff. Can someone message me a phone number of whom I should get in contact with to start my return from layoff. Thanks REPeet
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    Fleet Service Goes from Bad to worse (MERGED TOPICS)

    Tim Nelson is right. Being a victim of the "Great Flush of '05", I can assure you that the brainwashed workers are complicit. Now is the time to stand-up. It's an evil choice. Take a chance on being an Eastern, or vote your way further into poverty. If the brainwashing is holding, then...
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    Combined SOC

    Jerry Orr will be all over this. He has been offering all kinds of incentives for years, and Crystal City just kept blowing him off. (I can only imagine what the PIT influence was.)
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    Boeing Poster

    :up: :up: :up:
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    After Delta - USAirways Paycuts ?

    Maybe, the folks from west can help change the culture. Well, I can hope can't I?
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    I need your help with Doug MTC

    My buddy, the bay supervisor in CLT, said that three quarters of his mechanics have already filled out the servey. And strongly encouraged the rest to get it done. Where are you getting your information from?
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    US Airways 'Second Heritage' Plane Unveilings...

    I just had to let you say this again. I agree 100%.
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    Happy In PITT.

    If true, this is the best news that I've heard in a long time. If vendor costs and the old "in house" costs are examined impartially, then more work should be coming back. Let us hope and pray.
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    Gauntlet thrown down in PHL

    Exactly what I was told by an AGC. The non-heavy maintenance mechanics, even the ones at maintenance stations, had been so brainwashed by Jerry Glass (how was that allowed to happen?) that they were unwilling to jeopardize "their" jobs for ours. And the leadership said that they couldn't try to...
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    Gauntlet thrown down in PHL

    Wait!!! The AGC's (and floor representatives) refused to co-ordinate a "mid-contract" job action to protect heavy maintenance and back shops because "it would be illegal". But now, they're on property drumming up support for "an illegal" mid contract job action in order to assist "members" who...
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    Teamsters Rally/Info Picket

    Thank-You, for holding the line.
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    How common for ex-employees to boycott US Airways?

    If I decide I have to pay for a flight, then I'll go for the lowest fare. After all, US Airways dumped me so that my job would be done by someone who charged less.
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    I.A.M VS I.B.T

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    IAM Do they fight for your jobs or work?

    700 is right. When a labor group changes representation, the Current Binding Agreement (CBA) does indeed stay in effect. All that changes is the administrators of that contract because that contract belongs to the voting membership, not the administrators. On the other hand, the IBT is banking...
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    I.A.M VS I.B.T

    Thats says it all.
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    Outsourcing The Airbus

    I'm holding my breath :blink:
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    Machinists Union Merger Update

    Odin, Most all of the IAM Mechs on layoff, are so sick and disqusted with the IAMs shenanigans, that they will never look back and "waste" the time to vote for anything involving US Airways ever again. That said, I am one of the few that transferred my membership to layoff status, instead of...
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    Cactus Call Sign

    I'm afraid that "Low Cost" would quickly become "Locust", which in and of itself is an appropriate name for US Airways.
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    Oil Prices $65 A Barrel.

    See that's the problem. You're missing it. Alan Greenspan says the economy is doing well because "the execs continue to fatten their already fattened wallets". You've got to pay better attention. It isn't that reducing our wages is irrelevant. It's intregal to the process of "his" model of the...
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    Oil Prices $65 A Barrel.

    ARTICLE Aren't we glad we took substantial pay cuts, as vanguards of the "new economy". See the thread, Executive Contracts. Unions, it's time to stop being irrelevant, and lead!