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    American''s Top Execs Bonus

    Now this is the part I don''t understand,just like when our Governor Davis bought into the overnight power shortages that happened over night.That was obviously bullchit.It doesn''t happen over night.Just a ploy to Rippoff by the greedy,and our simpleton Governor bought it. Why is it i feel...
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    What was your worst job,worst day,or worst night fix aircraft?

    One night I''ll remember for years to come was as follows. I checked in for my graveyard shift and was told my job for the nite was to repack a nose gear at the gate,on an MD-80. So i went and got all the paperwork together,and started my search for tools to complete the task.I needed an...
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    Write it up In the cabin log.

    Just wondering why F/As don''t write up items in the cabin needing attention.That jump seat with the torn cover,or the wrong size cushions in a seat,dirty carpets,reading lights out,tray tables broken or misadjusted,dirty seat covers etc. If these things are written up in the cabin log,they...