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    Where Was This Two Years Ago?

    Got this bulk email today from AA HR. So now instead of walking you out of the building, do they walk you to the Adecco Office? Sigh.... TANSTAAFL **** Copied section below ******* Greetings, American Airlines Human Resources has put several things in place in our ongoing effort to ease...
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    California Man Wins Suit Against AA From the Associated Press: SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - A Santa Cruz man won a suit against American Airlines alleging that one of the company's planes released two chunks of toilet waste, known euphemistically as blue ice, onto the skylight of his...
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    More Outsourcing of AA Work
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    Security Issue

    I had an interesting experience while traveling recently, and it made me wonder about the security in airports... I was traveling through a major Rocky Mountain area airport, and while waiting for my flight, I went to purchase some liquid refreshment before my flight. The little food court...
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    TWU Jim Little: I have saved the membersd from themselves!

    And the damn shame of it is, Little is right. Damned if you do, damned if you don''t... Tsk. TANSTAAFL
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    TWU Update -- Agreement!!!

    Link to TWU terms: Looks like a five year deal instead of six, and potential early negotiations openers.... TANSTAAFL
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    16 thousand feet in a lawnchair!

    I remember that story! I would just have loved to have the ATC transcript from that event... Didn''t that guy win/get nominated for a Darwin Award? TANSTAAFL
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    Bob Crandall weighs in

    Now this is an interesting quote... I think the flight attendants will reverse their decision, said Bob Crandall, former chairman of AMR Corp. (NYSE:AMR - News), in an interview with Reuters. The fact of the matter is, the unions have to make up their mind: Do they want to make a team effort to...
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    If and only if AA goes Bankrupt will Eagle Contracts...

    WNP: Didn''t the sale of the 26% interest in WorldSpan go through already? TANSTAAFL
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    whats the breakdown? from each union

    Here are the TWU numbers, from the ATD website. I think someone posted these earlier, but here goes again... OVERALL TWU YES 13243 53.3% NO 11590 46.7% -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- M&R YES 7021 52.6% M&R NO 6318 47.4% TOTAL...
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    ---------------- On 4/11/2003 9:01:59 AM Hopeful wrote: Since the pro-T/A yes voters are putting all their faith into S.1113. I would like to ask you this. If AA secures all its concessionary agreements with its unions AND still files for bankruptcy, where do you suppose the further costs...
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    All Eight TWU groups have TA...

    Now the real fireworks can begin.... TANSTAAFL
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    Union Representation Question

    Just a quick question: What unions represented what groups at AA in 1993? I''m actually asking because of something related to my new job. We are processing a collection of papers donated to our library and came across an item that puzzled us. The answer to the question I posed will clarify...