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    UA getting cold feet on U? (fingers crossed)

    Let's hope this is true and UAL chooses to strike a very tight alliance with CO (with the ability to negotiate corporate deals as one entity, share gates, etc. How cool would it be to see CO 73's parked at the B concourse at ORD!). Then dump Tilton, Tague, and Brace; demote McDonald; bring in a...
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    Dump Tilton

    Hi all - havent posted in ages. I'm extremely depressed about Continental telling Tilton to go f himself. I'm equally depressed at the propsect of UAL merging with U. As a 1k I want to organize a customer revolt against Tilton and potential U merger. Can anyone help me get in touch with...
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    United and Continental

    So I would imagine that United and Continental would be talking at this point? I mean it's pretty clear that NW is the preferred partner for Delta and there's a new article out tonight that Air France may put up some cash to help a DL/NW deal. It would be silly for United to focus only on DL...
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    What Airlines' New Spending Means for Fliers

    WSJ article Are there covenants still in place restricting cap ex or are they just hoarding the cash? Dont get me wrong, they shouldnt spend like drunken sailors but the interiors arent getting any cleaner...
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    So Now What? More status quo?

    Hello So we all know every time UA management gets invited to an investor conference, the headlines are "Tilton still sees consolidation a reality". While AA management generate headlines like "AA close to fleet modernization strategy" at similar conferences. Seems like all Glenn and crew are...
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    US Kiosk

    Hi all. I had my first flight on US today via PIT on express (republic). Also first time on an E70. Crew was nice, we left on-time, and i liked the E70. My only complaint is the kiosk. I found the user experience to be quite complex. I swiped my card expecting it to immediately go to my...
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    United's future may be private

    Is United Airlines charting a leveraged buyout that would place its ownership in private hands? That's the buzz in aviation circles. The Elk Grove Township-based carrier passed on taking equity from outside investors when it emerged from bankruptcy this year. But the current economic and...
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    Fleet Interior

    As much as I find the "alcohol on the breath..." post stimulating - I thought I'd take a shot at seeding a bit more interesting topic. I've been flying a lot of west coast trips and overall continue to enjoy and be impressed by the level of service. The 5:15 departure to LAX from ORD however...
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    United Needs New Plan

    An excerpt from Crain's: Issue: United doesn't plan to buy new planes over the next five years, while holding capital spending to a bare-minimum $400 million to $850 million per year. Obstacles: Asian and European airlines competing with United on lucrative international routes have new fleets...
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    Take The Ignor Function A Step Further

    Howdy all. I think everyone would agree that we're not dealing with a rational person here. With pleasure, I hit the ignore button on him. I know this is just a message board and many of you actually enjoy refuting him and others, but how about we just stop responding to him all together...
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    Financing For Aircraft

    Are these two related? United Airlines parent UAL Corp. (UALAQ) has set a hearing Monday on an emergency motion for authority to start the process of buying senior debt on some of its aircraft in a $293 million transaction. and... Subsequently in July 2005, the company added an additional...
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    More Insight Into Filing Delay

    Excerpts from the WSJ: The delay also comes amid growing unease among creditors over interest from private-equity funds in potential investments in UAL. But the interest is preliminary and UAL continues to pursue a reorganization financed solely by debt. -- The tasks include: working out new...
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    Time To Demand New Management

    Hello. I've been avoiding the boards due to all that's happened in May and will probably continue to do so. However - with United as close as ever to getting out of Chapter 11, now is the time for me to start this thread. As some of you may know - I'm not an employee - rather a loyal customer...
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    Ua Execs Negotiating W/atsb Wed

    UAL chiefs in talks on concessions By Caroline Daniel in Chicago Published: June 17 2004 3:38 | Last Updated: June 17 2004 3:38 United Airlines executives flew to Washington on Wednesday to negotiate last-minute concessions, which could include further cost cuts and finding a new equity...
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    Hello US Airways. I wanted to send my best wishes and let you all know I'm pulling for you. Hang in there :)
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    Pension Relief Passes Senate

    Keep you fingers crossed that W will sign - he's expected to. Not out of the woods yet - but not a bad 2 weeks: bond resolution on 4/5 airports, solution for ACA feed, and pension relief. They're poised now for a formal decision from the ATSB. Keep fingers crossed. WASHINGTON -- The U.S...
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    Aca Replacement

    Just my two cents... I think United will strike some type of short-term agreement with ACA to give it maybe an additional 6 months of UEX service which will benefit both parties. For United it gives more time to find a solution and for ACA more time to plan for their low fare launch. Either...
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    Complimenting Flight Crew

    I had a wonderful FA on a recent flight from SEA-ORD. I got her name and file number - what is the best way to send a note? Thanks
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    New United Livery?

    Well this is my third reincarnation after getting too wrapped up with the board. It's been a nice 6 month break. Now that things have settled down a bit - I thought that I'd post someting. So...first and foremost - happy new year to all! And thank you all for great service in 2003. I am...
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    Ual, Lenders Seek Dip Some Waivers

    Interesting news I just picked up. This would explain the recent non-core asset sales. Not sure at this point if this lowers the covenants that need to be met for the remainder of the case. In any event - I think this is further evidence that progress is being made and prudent steps are being...