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  1. ClueByFour

    PIT got it's SHARES of problems, too

    One of my employees just called me to let me know that the lead story on the 6pm news in Pittsburgh is the fact that the US Airways meltdown apparently extended itself to PIT. Line was out the door to the ticket counter. For those of you familiar...
  2. ClueByFour

    SJU is international

    In the "funny if it was not true/tragic" department: OLCI for any flights to SJU pop a passport information screen and won't continue until it's populated. I was unaware that Puerto Rico achieved independence at the same time US cut to shares..... :shock:
  3. ClueByFour

    Delta's creditors support independent plan As I have said here before, it's all about the creditors. US is not "part of the process." The beauty of this is that DL would probably not have filed the plan if they did not have the support of the creditors committee. Unless the...
  4. ClueByFour

    More of the great tempe operational acumen Then, they had to yank all the star flights to fix it, near as I can tell. But hey--these guys are smart. I'm really in the wrong business--I should be selling risk management and QA consulting to US. They apparently don't know understand...
  5. ClueByFour

    Us Airways Flight Center Likely To Move Good luck to all potentially impacted. As mentioned later in the article, it would be nice if they would actually tell people whose jobs will be impacted. Here is a group who could have used the severence they gave the execs who tanked the joint...
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    Merged Airline Faces Competition At Focus City
  7. ClueByFour

    Southwest Becomes Third Busiest Carrier At Pit It stands to reason they may overtake DL with the addition of the extra PHL flight.
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    Who Acquiring Who?

    There has been some debate on this, and for informational purposes, I offer you the following from
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    Luv To Expand At Pit This, moreso than any service or demand issues, is probably why US is going to cut more flights in November.
  10. ClueByFour

    Jetblue To Pit? ClueByFour comments: George, in the past, has only said things in such a definitive manner if it's a done deal. This would mark the third or fourth LCC incursion into PIT in the past few years. It seems that there are airlines adding capacity...
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    Us Airways Watch Finally. Pollack could learn from this. (bolding is mine)
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    Travelers Stall In Us Airways' Lines At Airport

    Read the rest at Further proof that US management does not get it: If a first time user takes 5 times as long as an "experienced" user, the technology and/or the interface is broken. Forget for the second how stupid "an unusually...
  13. ClueByFour

    Crew Scheduling Oddity

    Last flight of the evening, CLT-PIT. As the crew is buttoning up, the gate agent runs in and ops calls the front end, both bringing news of a must-ride (CLT based) pilot to PIT, to complete the crew for the 0600 PIT-CLT flight today. As it turns out, record time was made (flight left 10...
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    Insane F Fares

    Okay, I just booked 10k butt in seat unrestricted F class travel, for the grand sum total of roughly $720 (with taxes, tags, and fees). This is a bit extreme. One can now get from PIT or CLT to LAX/SFO/LAS for $189 in each direction (before discounts). In the front of the bus...
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    Us Airways Wants More Concessions From Unions
  16. ClueByFour

    Pittsburgh Weighed As Hub For Mesa
  17. ClueByFour

    Us Airways Says Hubs No Longer Crucial
  18. ClueByFour

    Bronner Pulled The Plug On Siegel

    Thursday, April 22, 2004 By Dan Fitzpatrick, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette In the end, David Siegel's resignation as chief executive officer of US Airways was David Bronner's decision to make. The US Airways chairman, worried about the deteriorating relationship between his CEO and the airline's...
  19. ClueByFour

    March 23rd Alpa Code-a-phone

    Read the rest at Alas, I (obviously) don't have access to the pilot's only part of the ALPA website, but it is interesting to note that this is one of the very first actions of the "new" MEC. Sort of jives with the officers from...
  20. ClueByFour

    A Customer's Thoughts On "shrinking To A Profit"

    So, I have an upcoming trip that should go something like this (over the course of a few days): LGW-PHL-PIT-ATL-PHL-ATL-PIT-PHL-LGW. The LGW-PHL and PHL-LGW legs are not a problem, per usual (well, except that I'm burning miles far faster than I'm earning them anymore to support upgrades...