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    more good news!

    Reuters U.S. airlines--70,000 jobs lost if Iraq war begins Tuesday March 11, 11:12 am ET WASHINGTON, March 11 (Reuters) - U.S. airlines could slash 70,000 jobs and lose up to $4 billion a quarter if there is war with Iraq and the government does not give the industry more help, the biggest...
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    A Question For Those in the Know

    Air Midwest Airlines,Inc.2 Wichita, Kan. 5425-5699 Allegheny Airlines, Inc.1 Harrisburg, Pa. 3500 - 3999 CCAIR, Inc.2 Charlotte, N.C. 5000 - 5249 Chautauqua Airlines, Inc. Indianapolis, Ind. 4200 - 4449 4750 - 4924 (Regional Jets) Colgan Air, Inc. Manassas, Va. 5900 - 5999 Mesa...
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    down under humor

    After every flight, pilots complete a gripe sheet which conveys to the mechanics problems encountered with the aircraft during the flight that need repair or correction. The form is a piece of paper that the pilot completes and then the mechanics read and correct the problem. They then respond...
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    insights from inside UAL

    [BR]Subject: ual like it is Gang,[BR] [BR]First, let me preface this by admitting that I''m an Airbus F/O at United. These are the realities of our situation:[BR] [BR]Pilots: First....Making a lot of money when the economy is up and your business model works is great. The reality is that...
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    hypothetical liquidation

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    Root Cause

    [BR]----------------[BR]On 1/3/2003 7:11:52 PM ANNother Voice wrote: I thought that I would never post a message on this board but I can't believe what I'm reading here today. James Root from CLT writes a letter that the company responds to...which must mean that it is having some affect on...
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    Other Airline Employment

    [BR]----------------[BR]On 1/2/2003 4:44:16 PM Light Years wrote: Does anyone have clear info regarding employment with other airlines? If an airline does not require a letter of resignation from U, is it ok to accept a job somewhere else?[BR]For example, Allegheny is hiring FAs, could a...
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    furlough and vacation

    JUST AN FYI.. anyone who might be getting furloughed early in 2003 watch how much vacation you use prior to is pro-rated for the whole year. my last furlough check was for 1 day as 9 days of vacation i had to take were not earned yet.. happy holidays for at least 1 to...
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    AS IT SHOULD BE![img src='''']
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    any idea?

    usairways has cut back or gone to express in many markets. day is gone bwi shredded (former hubs), a few years back they closed daytona and agts in res know you cant find a seat to florida now..over 50% of flts gone. with all these cuts system wide...we still operate 2 flts a day...
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    The word has it!

    still a rumor but i just talked to a tampa cust service agt said he heard it was gone. also there were 2 company officials in tampa today and it was rumored that they were here for that very reason..this is still only hear say. should here more tues.
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    Is receive and dispatch gone, or utility contracted out. Either/Or?, can''t be Both/And

    does it really take an a/p license to park a plane..or push it back for that matter..mechanics all went to school to learn a trade..according to you 30% dont use it...before us/pi merger there was no recieve and dispatch.. a part time ramp agent could park and launch an aircraft with pi..or a...