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  1. Pacemaker

    United Pilots Say US Airways deal potential deal "extremely negative"

    UAL pilots leader opposes any merger with US Air Tuesday April 29, 5:35 pm ET WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A merger between United Airlines, a unit of UAL Corp (NasdaqGS:UAUA - News), and US Airways Group Inc (NYSE:LCC - News) would be "extremely negative," United's pilots' union chief said on...
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    Possible good news for the next Ch. 11 filing.

    ALPA Hails Bankruptcy Reform Legislation Introduction WASHINGTON—The Air Line Pilots Association, International (ALPA) president Capt. John Prater joined other AFL-CIO union leaders and key members of Congress today to announce new legislation that would remedy the unjust bankruptcy code that...
  3. Pacemaker

    2nd Quarter 2007 Unit Costs

    Cost per available seat mile in cents, per Bureau of Transportation Statistics 1 US Airways 16.3 2 Delta 14.3 3 Continental 13.5 4 America West 13.1 5 United 13.0 6 Northwest 13.0 7 American 12.8 8 Alaska...
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    2004 Airport Domestic O & D Data

    2004 was the most recent data I could find; this info is courtesy the DOT. Note that the data show only total pax and do not allow for calculation of yield. Rankings, O & D passengers (millions) 1. LAX 31.5 2. LAS 30.3 3. ORD 26.5 4. MCO 25.5 5. ATL 25.4 6. PHX 22.4 7. LGA...
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    US Airways Financial Results 1990-2005

    Income (Loss) 1990 (487,600,000) 1991 (349,600,000) 1992 (1,228,900,000) 1993 (466,800,000) 1994 (762,900,000) 1995 34,400,000 1996 174,598,000 1997 1,024,700,000 1998 538,000,000 1999 197,000,000 2000 (269,000,000) 2001 (2,117,000,000) 2002 (1,646,000,000)...
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    18 Year Mainline Pilot, $58k/year

    If you don't get furloughd. This is essentially the outcome of the latest company proposal. This is approximately equal to: 7th year F/O at Kalitta 7th year F/O at Sun Country 4th year NetJets pilot 8th Year Mesa CRJ700 Captain Does it sound like the company is negotiating in good faith?
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    Pilot Negotiations - The Truth

    The MEC, the Negotiating Comm., and Chairman Bill Pollock all agree that the NC bargained in a timely manner, in good faith, and the company did not. The company has not been forthcoming with required valuation figures for proposed ALPA giveback items. The company has not treated negotiations...
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    $400,000,0000 Divided By 3,500 Pilots

    is $114,000 per pilot. I say it passes, 55%-45%
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    Us Airways Alpa Webboard Still Down

    Since last night....unfortunate and perhaps suspicious timing considering the swirl of information and opinions being posted about LOA #91.
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    Us Airways - Rational Pricing?

    A friend here in L.A. just purchased, via our website, a round-trip LAX-PIT trip in mid-July. Travel is on a wednesday, no holiday or weekend or red-eye involved. The price, for a flight 3 months from now, was $190 round-trip. As anyone who commutes or regularly flies from LAX can attest...
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    "letter From Dave" Topic Removed?

    A few days ago someone posted what was described as an email reply from dave regarding the "Another Crossroad" post. It's been removed - I'd like to hear from the person who originally posted it.
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    Please Stop Emailing Mr. Siegel....

    Quit distracting him so he can hurry up and get on to the next round of concessions, deadlines, and threats.
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    National Weather Service Bulletin

    The NWS has issued an advisory stating that spring is on hold, pending a satisfactory resolution to the US Airways pilot pension dilemma. A NWS spokesman went on to say that if the pilots' pension is not immediately terminated, the Sun will be liquidated and earth will enter a new ice age.
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    US Airways Pilots: Dave Is Counting On You!

    Keep up the great work guys & gals! On-Time% Completion% 01/28 87.7% 99.4% 01/29 62.1% 97.8% 01/30 82.0% 99.2% Dave files to terminate pension 02/02 87.8% 100.0% 02/03 94.3% 99.6% 02/04 92.0% 99.9% [img...
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    Dave''s Fuzzy Math

    Last week Dave made the public statement that if he had the cost structure of low-cost airlines we would be profitable, and Jet Blue pays their employees half of what US Airways pays. These remarks have created a groundswell of outrage and opposition and a close and honest look at the data is...
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    Siegel''s Contingency Plan Being Readied

    US Airways CEO David Siegel yesterday warned the bankrupt airline still needs to make broader cost cuts than earlier predicted, and will likely include more job cuts in order to survive in the current weak revenue environment. Separately, Siegel confirmed after a speech to the Wings Club in New...