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    Seasonal Phl To Vce And Bce?

    Just saw in my Dec e-statemnet that US will begin seasonal service to Barcelona and Venice in May. Are these 767 or A330 flights? Hope US will still be around to make $$$ on these flights! Beginning in May, US Airways will offer seasonal daily flights to Venice, Italy and Barcelona, Spain via...
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    And You Thought Us Wasted $$$ ?

    As I stated earlier, I think US's marketing promos (Seth and his free GoFare trinkets and free tickets) were a GOOD thing and garnered a lot of good PR for the airline. Now let me show you why Kieth Alexander is my favorite airline columnist. He writes the "Business Class" column for the...
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    Us 757 In Man, Uk?

    I am guessing this is a charter?
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    #306 Phl-dub 767 - Fire?

    What is the story with Aug. 30th PHL-DUB flight #306? Apparently there was a fire in the forward cargo hold and the flight was diverted to SNN and made an emergency landing. The return flight from DUB was CNXed. Any info? Sounds like everyoone was OK and the crew did a good job of getting...
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    U out of bankruptcy on Monday

    pitguy, that is unfair. Dave has done the best job with what he had to work with. The REALITY is that if all of US''s employees continued to be compensated the way they were 12 months ago, US would NOT be here today - the company would have been liquidated in chap. 7, broken up and sold, and...
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    American Airlines near bankruptcy

    Unfortunately, AA will, IMO, file chap. 11. Chap. 11 is becoming the only way airlines can quickly address their costs. Every airline, with it''s labor negotiations, has proven that the long, drawn out negotiation process quite simply does not work. My sincere hope is that US, having gone...
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    PHL''s new international terminal????

    I landed from AMS yesterday and noticed the new international terminal looks just about ready to open. ANY news on when it will be open??? It sure would be nice to park all those blasted people-movers! :) [img src='''']
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    US A-330 and 767 lift question

    It has been reported that US's 767 and/or A-330's may be used for military airlift. Do not post ANY speculations or information about where, when, or how these widebodies might be used to serve their country. My question is: Which current US Airways European destination(s) will/may see reduced...
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    what''s up?

    So.... he said she said ??? [or vice-versa]
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    Dave, could you address this week's MSP severance rumors?

    Perhaps walking down the hall to ask Dave face to face might get a more direct answer? [img src='']
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    BA drops CLT-London flights

    Good news for US.... BA just announced they will no longer fly to/from CLT as of end of October 2002. :)
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    I think we need a topic dedicated exclusively to this...........

    I'll bite. No other major has matched US's "only earn elite status with non-discouted fares" policy. If that holds true, and even if every major adopts the new policy on non-refundable tickets, then the number of airlines to defect to is only limited by the number of airlines that serve your...
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    US Airways Commits Suicide !!!

    With the latest announcement that US will no longer offer Preferred tier miles for all paid fares it has eliminated the ONLY thing that differentiated itself from the rest of the majors airlines. US Airways assumption that its very frequent fliers ALWAYS buy the same fare class with each ticket...