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  1. ClueByFour

    US Pilots Labor Discussion

    The East pilots (assuming Silver rules in favor of the NIC) have exactly two legal maneuvers left. Appeal Silver to the 9th. Appeal the 9th to SCOTUS. That's it. Dougweiser will most assuredly structure the deal to avoid the East CoC language. The NMB will find a single system. The APA...
  2. ClueByFour

    US Pilots Labor Discussion

    It means you are apparently challenged enough to not be able to follow along. Nothing more.
  3. ClueByFour

    Network implications of an AA and US merger

    There is no fair way to get from where we are today at, say, DCA to having the government out of the way, save setting a slot ceiling and proceeding to reclaim and auction off every single slot. That would not work out well for US. I don't favor having the government pick winners for 50 years...
  4. ClueByFour

    US Pilots Labor Discussion

    McCaskill-Bond did not pass until after the US/AWA merger. It still would not have helped. What USAPA tried to do would not stand muster under McCaskill-Bond, because it would have violated all the stuff about "arbitration" and “fair and equitable."
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    US Pilots Labor Discussion

    AOL was handed a slam dunk by USAPA. Your assumption is that the APA guys are just as dumb. Probably not the best line of thinking.
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    US Pilots Labor Discussion

    Years later, and you guys still don't get it. The 9th circuit said you can't have a DFR until USAPA actually gets a contract in place with a non-Nicolau seniority list. The company has essentially pulled an end-around and applied for summary judgement on that score. Even if Judge Silver...
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    Hub situation post merger (if)

    US (old) went bankrupt twice with the mighty CLT hub. CLT is cheap, which is good. It's O&D sucks for a metro it's size, and that size is not particularly large by hub airport standards these days. There is a limited area (in the Southeast) where having traffic crossfeeds over an...
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    Hub situation post merger (if)

    This is painful. Here is what will happen: 1. Every international flight that will fit at JFK will be moved from PHL. PHL is excessively expensive and lacks the NY O&D. PHL will retain flights which the local O&D can handle and/or feed other oneworld hubs internationally. PHL will keep...
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    Injunction is out

    So, in the year and a half or so since I've been a regular, USAPA actually managed to get an injunction filed against it. And there are still a few people here who think "great, we'll call the CP for everything." Note to self: continue to stay away from East metal. No point in having the...
  10. ClueByFour

    Website and Res System Down

    That assumption only holds up if US lacks proper redundant systems and they all failed. Could happen--unlikely if implemented properly. A properly sized UPS, generator set, and transfer switch plus the diesel for today's fun can be had for less than $250k. IOW, if US is claiming a "brownout"...
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    UA and CO seems a go

    B6 does not want a "southern hub." And if they did, they'd have one already. They do profitable point to point out of either large markets and/or huge leisure markets (and between the two). CLT is neither. I'm not quite sure how you think US/B6 would damage AA--AA is not interested in...
  12. ClueByFour

    US Pilots labor thread 4/17-

    You mean Sullenberger pulling the greatest save in history, while Skiles essentially watched? I am the "general public" and as the jury demonstrated, they can see directly thru that crap. You don't want to include safety in a seniority discussion, else you have to include the other two...
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    UA AND US Merger Talks

    Three things of note: 1. The feds are not going to let this happen in Washington without either DCA or IAD going away. 2. For the upteenth time, CLT offers UA nothing that they can't do at IAD. They are 322 miles apart. Slightly longer than PIT-PHL, but unlike either, the government...
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    US Pilots Labor Discussion 2/10- STAY ON TOPIC AND OBSERVE THE RULES

    I am going to laugh when whomever gets the carcass of LCC staples you guys and uses the "Seeham Precedent" to do it. Each and every one of the junior (and presumably) angry FOs at East deserves to still be employed when/if US merges with a larger carrier---if USAPA prevails. If seniority is...
  15. ClueByFour

    LGA & DCA Slot SWAP

    No guarantee, no loan. Generosity. Government cheese, without which you would have been unemployed. Which pales in comparison to the kick the shorts that equity and bondholders took in the bankruptcy required to get the government cheese.
  16. ClueByFour

    LGA & DCA Slot SWAP

    You do realize that HP/US only exist today because of the generosity of the US Government in the form of the ATSB. Little late to be crying crocodile tears about government interference.
  17. ClueByFour

    US Pilots Labor Discussion 1/26- STAY ON TOPIC AND OBSERVE THE RULES

    This is lost on the East fanbois here. A win on ripeness merely delays things. The East could have done that simply by voting no. Millions of dues dollars later, same result. Any of you guys play poker and/or chess for money?
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    US Changing mind about LGA terminal swap with Delta?

    Only if MWAA or US pays for a new Admirals Club. Where US is increasing, AA does not want. Note that AA walked away from an RDU hub. AA obviously does not think a lot of the mid-southeast versus south Florida. AA put it's money on New York some time ago. AA is not going to merge with the...
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    US Pilots Labor Discussion 1/13- OBSERVE THE RULES OF THE BOARD!

    You guys are going to end up in a dictionary some day, under the heading of "epic fail." If the 9th remands on the ripeness issue, it simply means that USAPA will subsequently be DFR'd. It does not and will not change the inevitable fact that in order to see any contract but LOA93, the East...
  20. ClueByFour

    US Pilots Labor Discussion 12/27- OBSERVE THE RULES OF THE BOARD!

    Not really. And nobody in USAPA leadership is as smart as either Burr or Hamilton and that was 30 years post-Revolution. If you search, I've actually brought that up when certain people have talked dogfights (I'm a pentathlon guy myself--and I made that clear to a certain poster who merely...